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Is Bitcoin worthy or worthless?

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    A thing that values at near 2-3k is surely to be massively worthy in every way. However, if we are sensible in how we approach it then we will always be able to gain good amount, so we just need to make sure we understand the value of it. If we understand the value of it correctly then we will be able to gain.

    So the value is certainly of high worth and if there is anyone who doesn’t value it will really suffer badly for it.


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      Bitcoin value speaks for it, I can’t see how you will say the value is to be ignored, it has to be taken into account and that shows the worth of it. People are running crazy to get into this train at some dip, as right now it’s absolutely running nuts and even some dip looks tough. But then there is really nothing there that can be said with certainty, so will have to watch it all out very carefully and get into good performance mode.


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        Right now, it is easy to say that value of BTC is as much as Gold, but I am not referring to price as that’s obviously double to Gold, but I am talking about the actual value which is never judged through just price.

        So, I will say that Gold is very much to the level Gold is in terms of REAL value and that’s why it is certainly one of the most worthy of assets out there; I don’t think there is any rocket science to that at all.


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          It is highly worthy and the value is enough to show it. I don’t think people will understand it’s value if they don’t understand the concept, so understanding the concept is more crucial than anything else. If we understand the concept than I don’t think we will have difficult in understanding the value, therefore, I think the whole thing is down to understanding the concept which I believe should be more than enough.