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Another Blockchain Milestone: Walmart

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  • Another Blockchain Milestone: Walmart

    A good news coming in for the Bitcoin Blockchain lovers.
    A report suggests that Walmart is testing Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Management.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the company's pilot project will start in the first quarter of 2017 and run for four months.
    They plan to leverage distributed ledger technology to track and trace pork in China and produce in the U.S.

    All good news popping in and helping the price of Bitcoin. Are you on the right side?

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    It has been one memorable year for Bitcoin. Although, I won’t say it has been the best in terms of price, as that was obviously when it went to 1000 USD first time, but overall into terms of positivity, it has been truly specular with so many positive that one can pick up while very few negative, so it’s something that makes the year so good. The biggest thing is that some of these news are already hinting out towards a great year 2017!


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      Another wonderful development. But I am wondering how the adoption of Blockchain technology would affect the price of Bitcoin or for that matter any other crypto currency!

      My thinking is that there might not be too much effect on the price of Bitcoin which has to content with its own factors. Nevertheless there is some symbiotic relationship between Blockchain and Bitcoin, so it might reflect in the price of bitcoin too (not pretty sure!). Bitcoin might benefit from more adoption of Blockchain.


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        Wow! We keep hearing of BlockChain technology being adopted by various big companies and organizations. But will it spur the usage of Bitcoins automatically with the usage and adoption of BlockChain technology? Now that remains to be seen. It would be really wonderful when we see big companies accepting Bitcoins and you can pay for the goods and services digitally with your wallet which then would have ripple effects on the lower chain of companies. Maybe in near future as we can’t expect everything sooner!


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          It is good to see big companies adopting BlockChain technology which might also help the underlying Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin which runs off of the same technology. May be Walmart can allow payments in Bitcoins for its customers so that people can have more alternatives.

          If other similar big companies extend the same concession or allow Bitcoins to be used then the usage of the latter would surely increase and can become popular. BlockChain and Bitcoin are here to stay and would be a force to reckon in the future!


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            Walmart is a major retail offline chain of stores and it using BlockChain is quite heartening. Bitcoin can take off in a good manner if Walmart considers & offers BTC as one form of payment which would also popularize it. So this milestone of Walmart using BlockChain might not directly be positive for Bitcoin but potential is there. We keep hearing BlockChain being used by big players which might auger well for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in an indirect way!


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              Yes Andrey Tolstov, rather than just getting excited about Walmart using BlockChain technology, it would be much better if Walmart itself allows payments via Bitcoins which would be more helpful to those that deal in it. People need not use other payment system like credit/debit cards or online bank transfer and just use Bitcoin with its lower fees.

              Other big physical retail chains can also offer Bitcoin as a payment option apart from big online retailers like Amazon!


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                As of now, I have not seen Walmart accepting Bitcoin. I might be wrong though, so anybody who has more knowledge about it can update here. Bitcoin of late, has been accepted by big players like Microsoft, Bloomberg, etc. for some of their products/services. So it is a start! May be it is just a matter of time before Bitcoin is accepted everywhere! Of course, it depends on whether Bitcoin is beneficial and comfortable for Business and users alike!


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                  I kind of agree with you Alan Muzwayine. Walmart is USA based retail stores with physical presence. I do not know whether Walmart has online presence or not.

                  There is no Walmart store in my country so I do not have any first-hand knowledge about that. BTW, Walmart is getting lot of heat & competition from Amazon which is its nearest rival. So in these case how Bitcoin will play out remains to be seen but just hope for the best!