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Bitcoin's total value surpasses $14 billion - New Record

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  • Bitcoin's total value surpasses $14 billion - New Record

    Milestones keep coming for Bitcoin.
    Today, Reuters reported that Bitcoin's total value surpassed record high above $14 billion.

    Bitcoin total value jumped 5 percent on Thursday in circulation to hit a record high above $14 billion.
    It is the highest level in three years after more than doubling in price this year.

    Recently, there were continues gains in Bitcoin price, and it broke the $900 mark this week as well.

    Will it keep rising?

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    I just read your other thread about some bank calling it to triple the price and I thought it’s a joke, but watching BTC gaining so quickly even before the year end; it’s now really something I am taking seriously. It’s just few days ago that I saw the $800 mark and now it’s pass $900!

    How is this happening! I don’t think there is much stopping with it, so it may just continue rising!


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      Bitcoin is making it a habit to breaking records. The year already has been really great for Bitcoin not just in terms of rise but also in surrounding that has been there and the increase in popularity. BTW, I too am surprised with the sudden growth in last leg of the year. Is it due to Holiday period where people have are using it more to purchase gifts and all that? Is it one reason for the boost or something else?


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        Looks like Bitcoin is on some sort of spree as far record breaking is concern, as every day we seems to be hearing about new records. It’s amazing that the rise of Bitcoin is so rapid that one needs to pinch himself to actually believe it.

        The year 2017 promises to be even better, so fingers are really crossed here. I too wish that more and more records keep on coming for it, as nothing better than that sight.


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          Originally posted by Barun Aaron View Post
          The year 2017 promises to be even better, so fingers are really crossed here.
          Let's hope this happens


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            Wow! $14 Billion is really big and sets further to break multi-hear years. The value has also become higher topping around $1150 in the first week of Jan before dropping low and then trading around $800/850. This is really phenomenal and we can look forward to many such feats. With this Bitcoin would also maintain the lead which in turn would make the competitors task tough! Hope in 2017 the price would rise like last year but the usual caution is recommended!


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              Yeah this is really a big record considering that Bitcoin is just 8 years old or so which is quite amazing. But the momentum must be continued else the valuations would stall and possibly decline by much.

              There are many factors to be considered apart from unknown factors. As such nobody can say for sure what would happen later but as of now Bitcoin looks promising with no cause for concern at least for few more years to come!


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                Records are meant to be broken. That being said, Bitcoin’s reach so far is quite phenomenal. Nobody would have thought so when it was commercially launched and it is still early days. But Bitcoin being outside the purview of normal monetary policy of any country would always be under radar for its usage. This is because one can’t stop others from coming with their own version of Bitcoin which would then complicate matters further, but that is separate issue. As of now there is nothing much to worry.


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                  Yes Francis Fabrizi, I am also cautiously optimistic about Bitcoins. Bitcoin has peaked too fast, too soon! There are all indications of further gains as the potential is very huge for its usage across the entire financial spectrum. Guess the early adopters and those who bought at lower prices and sold at higher prices in huge quantities would be millionaires!

                  People can still invest now and reap the benefits either as a payment system or future selling at higher price! Risk management must be the buzzword!


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                    Bitcoin is trading around $1400 as of now and looks for further rise. How far it can go is anybody’s guess but there is huge potential. But who is buying at such elevated rates is also questionable! I mean most ordinary people can’t buy even 1 full Bitcoin at current rates, so there is something happening behind the scenes with someone pushing the price very high! Sustainability of the price is also the key and people needs to be cautious as usual!


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                      Yes Rizwan Khurashi. The price is quoting around $2800 nearly to $3000 which is unprecedented and those who bought much Bitcoins when it was like around $5 or even below $100 would be very rich now.

                      But then nobody could have predicted that such a thing would happen and those who were bold enough to take high risks would be laughing all the way to bank. What happens from here needs to be seen but all indications points to the upswing!


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                        Every factor related to Bitcoin is at an all-time high and there seems to be no stopping it now and one can only hope that people continue to take advantage of its features. But people using Bitcoin as an investment vehicles remains to be cautious as there might be a temporary top in place and price might do some correction before resuming its rise higher. But then nobody knows what actually will happen but can only speculate and keep trying!