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London Blockchain Week Highlights

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  • London Blockchain Week Highlights

    The London Blockchain Week 2017 was recently concluded.

    It highlighted good sides of the Blockhain, and made a few key points:

    - Numerous examples of Blockchain being used for good causes
    - Good Deeds like DonorCoin, Save the Children UK, Open Music Initiative and more
    - United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
    - Donations to the earthquake victims of Nepal

    ---and many more...
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    Wow! Very good use of BlockChains for people in need for either monetary or non-monetary purpose! This demonstrates the good use of BlockChain which can impact the lives in the positive way. With Bitcoin running on BlockChain technology, the usage of Bitcoin might also increase as a collateral benefit. Many people including me came to know that BlockChain can be used for other many other useful purposes too, the usage of which is only likely to increase in times to come!


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      Hmm, more events/seminars on BlockChain but not on Bitcoins or crypto-currencies? Well that might be separate issues but then quite related too!

      So BlockChain is being recognized for their increased role in various fields and there are regular events to popularize these. BlockChain is becoming quite versatile and might become a force to reckon in future. May be the developers of BlockChain can earn good money or career as this is just an emerging technology and early birds takes the worms!


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        Yeah such events would help popularize BlockChain which in turn might cause people to notice Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. London is also major financial center, so what happens there would be noticed by everyone. Such events would benefit all the stakeholders. May be there would be similar seminars in other parts of the world regarding BlockChain and even Bitcoins. Being relatively new technologies and payment systems respectively people would be excited and keen to know more about them and later utilize them


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          Yes Monika Jurgenfeldt. Block Chain is the backbone of the Bitcoin and has now been adapted to other verticals both financial and otherwise and has assumed much importance.

          But how exactly this event would affect the Bitcoin in a positive way remains to be seen. Usually people would like Bitcoin to also get popularized and regular seminars on it would also be quite beneficial. Bitcoin being quite new compared to other payment system needs more understanding and regulatory framework before wide usage.


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            I agree with you Andrey Tolstov. Awareness & popularizing of BlockChain and Bitcoin is the need of the hour as still many lay users don’t know about it. You just have to ask 10 random people on the street to get the answer! So as long as the awareness is not there and benefits clearly defined then Bitcoin’s usage would remain low obviously! It must also suit the users with their requirements else they might not use it!


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              Wish such events are held regularly in capital countries of the world! It can surely help popularize BlockChain technology and even Bitcoin which it powers but as said by others there must be separate events for Crypto-Currencies which would be more effective as people deal in that for mode of payment and as an investment tool.

              It is still early years and as time goes by most of the people would have at least some idea about Bitcoin and/or BlockChain!


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                Yeah such events can be held in other countries/cities too so that Bitcoin and BlockChain technologies are popularized and where the layman can understand it in simple way. BlockChain has been used in many verticals so its knowledge would be indispensable to those working on it. But for others knowing about it is no use but they might get an idea or two which can help them understand & appreciate the technologies that powers Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies!