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  • Bitcoin Hard Fork

    What's your views on a possible Bitcoin hard fork team?

    Do you think its on the cards?
    Do you think Bitcoin price may be impacted to a great extend?
    Anyone has any idea when we can expect a hard fork?

    How it can impact anyone holding Bitcoins while hard fork is performed?

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    Nop, i got now clue how it going to work out....


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      I keep hearing the term “Hard Fork” but I really don’t understand it fully. May be the Admin can write a short description and make it a sticky topic on this forum. BTW, I too heard Bitcoin is going for hard fork but I can’t predict whether it would be positive or negative. I had seen Ethereum undergoing Hard Fork and that had not much impact on it. So we better wait & watch rather than speculate on the unknown. Of course, one needs to be cautious as usual!


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        This seems an old topic and I don’t know whether Bitcoin has undergone hard fork or not. Usually, the price decreases during hard fork but one can’t be never be sure. As such those dealing in Bitcoin should be careful during such events. This is also a fancy term and seems quite childish!

        Guess people involved in Bitcoin won’t mind such term as long as they are making money! Bitcoin has undergone lots of changes too fast given its age of just around 8!


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          Yes Farhad Entessari. Hard Fork seems to a technical term and it does not concern the lay users unless it affects them in a direct way! Most people using Bitcoin might not even have heard the term and won’t be concerned either way! How the market or events unfolds after Hard Fork might also be unpredictable! So though one needs to be careful around such events, but there should not be anything truly scary, so to speak!


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            I also don’t know what hard fork means (strange name indeed). But it does not directly impact the normal users and is only for the developers or nerdy folks.

            So without going too much into technical aspects one can just get an idea or two about the hard fork which would be only good for getting some academic knowledge and not exactly into Bitcoin or crypto coins usage or the likes! Bitcoin value has only gone up and still going up and seems not to stop!