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BitPrime Launches Bitcoin trading platform

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  • BitPrime Launches Bitcoin trading platform

    A new NZ-Based Bitcoin Trading Platform is launched - BitPrime
    According to a report, BitPrime is a centralized, consolidated platform in New Zealand. It makes use of a third-party escrow service, which is safe.

    Commenting on the release, the Founder and Owner of BitPrime, Geoffrey Palmer, stated:

    We are a cryptocurrency trading platform, committed to buying Bitcoin and selling Bitcoin at the most competitive rates available today. The ultimate goal of our new site is to make the entire transaction safer and faster for everyone involved.
    Anyone from NZ searching for Bitcoin exchange?

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    Wow this is AWESOME! I am not from NZ, but this is really cool....


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      Yes, it is nice and might benefit people based in NZ looking to trade BTC.


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        Good for the people of New Zealand. If there is provision of a good BTC Trading platform which can give high security, competitive fees and comfortable user experience, then more power to them. Everyone needs such kinds of platforms. Without a good exchange one can’t possibly buy or sell Bitcoin obviously. So the first thing one must do while dealing with BTC is to identify and stick with a good one. Of course, alternatives must also be at hand, just in case!


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          Hmm, so it is basically an Exchange service but why call centralized consolidated platform and things like that which is quite misleading. But it is country specific to New Zealand and as such does not concern others.

          Of course, people would use it if it can provide good service else people have alternatives especially in this age and day! Competition is very high in this field and people need to offer better service to remain relevant and survive!


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            Well seems everyone is jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon in the hope of making easy money. How far such ventures would become successful nobody knows. But there is money to be made alright. So this is good opportunity for those who come up with creative & innovative ideas and get funding from venture capitalists. Bitcoin is red hot and selling like a hot cake, so nobody wants to miss this opportunity to earn money! But only those offering good service will survive for long.