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Graphics: The Four Pillars of Blockchain Technology

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  • Graphics: The Four Pillars of Blockchain Technology

    Sharing a nice graphics explaining The Four Pillars of Blockchain Technology.

    Compelling Security
    Competetive Fees
    Consistent Transparency
    Connected Machines
    Click image for larger version

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    Source Twitter Handle - TheCyberSecHub

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    Nice share admin. But I did not get what you mean by consistent transparency and connected machines. It might not be needed to know all the technical details as it involves complexities but getting some idea would be better. BlockChain technology has grown much and poised for further improvement and usage across many verticals. Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies are based on BlockChain technology so those might get some spinoff benefits from using such technologies!


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      I agree with you Daria Timoshchuk. There are too many technicalities involved and one can’t obviously know all and there is even no need to know it. But it would be better if one can get some idea regarding that so that they are more informed and can appreciate the technology behind the BlockChain which powers many of the services that run off of it!

      BlockChain has grown over time and has become a force to reckon with in the field of finance, engineering, business and the likes!


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        One keeps hearing BlockChain technology but as a layman may not understand all. But when presented with such easy graphics and way to understand such people can get some sort of idea which can help them better understand the BlockChain and the Bitcoin which it powers! The smooth implementation of BlockChain technology is thus imperative in achieving the goal of keeping the Bitcoin flows hassle free. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency with characteristics that are entirely different than normal currencies!