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Bitcoin's Market Capitalization Climbs Over $1 Billion

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  • Bitcoin's Market Capitalization Climbs Over $1 Billion

    Now, we all know Japan recently passed a law to accept bitcoin as a legal payment method.
    Subsequently, Russia is now looking to find ways for its acceptance.
    Also, India is studying Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

    Going all these, the price rose of Bitcoin above $1220.
    The most important point was an increase in Bitcoin's Market Capitalization.
    According to the data Bitcoin's Market Capitalization climbed Over $1 Billion to $19.5 billion on Wednesday.

    It looks like Bitcoin is growing and all these legal procedures are helping BTC.

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    Absolutely! It’s indeed boosting it big time. I truly believe that Asian countries like India can be massive boost to Bitcoin, as it will bring the stability that we have cried for in recent years. But if they pull up their hands then we will continue to see Bitcoin struggle to maintain high standards and every now and then, there is going to some sort of a crash, so for me this moment with India and even Russia to certain extend will be the key.


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      That is quite massive and comparable to the usual currencies. Guess when China & India go full bonkers with their massive population hooked onto Bitcoin then the price might smash all records. All those fancy predictions might even come true even if it was for small time! Imagine for the whole world!

      The inventor of Bitcoin must be multi-Billionaire now living on his own private island in Bahamas and enjoying everything that money can buy!


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        Bitcoin has been growing by leaps and bounds with no resistance coming its way. With the things are, very soon we might have very big valuation for Bitcoin but that remains to be seen. When an asset grows so fast in such a short time then it might not be good too by simple economic and common sense! So a bit of concern must be there instead of being too careless. Making money is not easy but with good preparation one can surely do well


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          Yes Chameera Silva, $1 Billion is very high amount that too for something which just started recently but has grown exponentially in value! So those who bought it earlier and sold it now would be millionaires if they bought in huge numbers.

          But that is just one of the possibilities as Bitcoin can also be used for payment purposes. Trading volumes are increasing day by day and so is the usage at least by the online crowd but Bitcoin still needs to be adopted by the man on street!