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Now Pay Denver Airport Parking with Bitcoin

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  • Now Pay Denver Airport Parking with Bitcoin

    Here is a good news for the people in Denver.
    Now you can pay Denver Airport Parking with Bitcoin.

    According to a statement and report, the Top Airport Parking, which is the Denver International Airport parking provider will now accept Bitcoin as parking fees,
    The company will also accept Dogecoin and a few other crypto-currencies.

    Isn't it a great move? This means Bitcoin use and reach is increasing day by day, and people choosing it as a payment method says a lot.

    More such moves will help Bitcoin price rise in the near term.
    It has already broke the $1400 level and may head to the $1500 level in the near term.

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    Good for the Denver Airport Parking users and for Bitcoin & other crypto-currencies too. But the million $ is how many people will actually pay via Bitcoin as USA is fully card based(Master/Visa/American Express) and or other payment systems like online bank transfer and the likes. But those who deal in Bitcoins would find it useful as they need not do any conversions to pay for the parking service. Oh BTW, Bitcoin price has reached almost $3000 and might head for the moon soon!


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      Yes Barun. Price of Bitcoin has reaced nearly $3000 though it is back near the $2000 level which is also quite high. Of course those using Bitcoin would find the convenience to pay for parking via Bitcoin.

      This might also spur the growth and usage of Bitcoin as a convenience payment system over other present payment systems. Slowly Bitcoin can be used across all transport system and there might some sort of pre-paid/post-paid payment system via Bitcoin!