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Will Bitcoin ever go below $1000 again?

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  • Will Bitcoin ever go below $1000 again?

    As we know Bitcoin is really going great guns, but do we really think it will ever turn the corner and go opposite and will it ever go below $1000 level again? I feel it’s unlikely to go that low anytime soon, at least not in next 3-4 years but then you never know anything for certain. So, it’s best that we make investment wisely on this and keep all these things in mind instead of getting caught in no man’s land.

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    I really wish it goes to this level at least once, but I don’t see this really happening at all!

    I think it will never reach to $1000 again, at least with the way things are going for it, but then there is really nothing that can be said by certainty, so it’s really a guess. If it reaches $1000 levels again, it will be a massive reason and collapse that is not going to be good!


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      I think it can but the prospect looks very weak for it. I think it is common sense only that we will see BTC stay above this level as it’s so far high that even a massive collapse will see it stay above $1000. However, it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen in next 5-6 years. So, that’s why we need to be extremely careful and wise with how we go about doing things, as that is what will help us go far.


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        It is dependent on every person because some are really good at trading no matter what they pick while some are not so good; it’s why it is upon the person at work to work out these things.

        I like trading, so I feel good with it but there are many who might not exactly like it, so it’s entirely banking on that part. If we are not working out these things correctly then we could struggle quite heavily.


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          I can't believe bitcoin will ever see a down fall to the turn of $1000 let alone $600 in value against Dollar. Most of the negative propaganda against bitcoin makes it stronger over the years. So am yet to see factors that will bring the value of Bitcoin down to $1000 or less. Rather the price will keep on increasing. Although up and down movement is normal but not to the turn of losing its value down to $1000 or less.


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            We all wish that it should go towards $1000 again and I am sure many people are going to jump into buying it.

            But, I think in realistic point of view, it’s not really possible for Bitcoin to reach down so quickly. It is mostly climbing high and I don’t think there is much that we can do about it. Although it might look good but I don’t think one should really make random investment in order to gain


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              Nothing can be said, as no one could have said that $5000 level was ever a possibility, but see its happening. So, when no one thinks that $1000 down will be possible, it may just be possible. This is very hard thing to say, so that’s why we need to be absolutely careful. If it goes below that then it will be very little time due to the popularity, as most investors will become madly into the field.


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                Well, bitcoin can have a sudden fall in it's price as you never know what causes the price of bitcoin change. Also the disadvantages that bitcoin has may also lead to the fall in the price level of bitcoin.

                But worrying too much about the fall in price level of bitcoin is not the right thing to do and if the price goes down again more people will invest in bitcoin and the price will again increase ,so falling to a price of 1000$ or 600$ is not possible as of now.


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                  No chance, I don’t think that’s happening now as $1000 below is just impossible in every sense. If that happens then I don’t really see it as good sign, as it will mean that Bitcoin is nowhere and will struggle then onwards. But, at least I don’t see this happening at all since it just looks impossible as of now with how positive the scenario is and how nicely the situation is building up as of now; it’s only looking to reach higher side.