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Bitcoin will grow as much as everyone says it will?

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  • Bitcoin will grow as much as everyone says it will?

    It’s obvious that BTC is running non-stop and is create new records, but do you think it will continue on that line? I feel it will happen since I have been in this Bitcoin platform since months and years, I say it’s going to be growing a lot! In fact, I feel it hasn't rose to its full potential it's definitely going to fly way more. But there will always be fluctuations like any other market product. So know how to deal well.

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    Frankly speaking, if it was to grow like everyone said then it would have been around $2000-2500 maximum, but it’s near $3500, so it has gone beyond what major players thought it would.

    I don’t know where it will eventually go by the end of the year, but there is serious potential out there which we need to look at and got to be extremely wise with picking it out in order to gain and go past through it.


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      Bitcoin has already grown quite massively and it is fair to say that it is above what people actually thought it would ever reach. However, we need to be extremely wise and careful with how we look at it and don’t think it will keep running like this forever, so we to make sure we plan accordingly, as only then we will be able to move forward and make profits or else we could simply get stuck in which is not good for anyone.


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        I thought it would not go above $3000, but I was surprised it went so smoothly pass it and that’s why I am already surprised with things. I don’t know how far it can go because the levels are already unbelievable high and I really have no idea how far it can go with already so far.

        However, I don’t think you can really limit the levels, as we have seen through the history of this which has really put it on very high on things.


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          It can grow much more, so make no mistake about it. But, it is altogether different story whether it will grow or not. Right now, it’s obvious that everyone is looking at positive side and rightly so, but it is possible that we will see negative side as well, so we need to watch all these things. If we don’t stay aware of all these things then we could have a lot of issues, so we need to plan that accurately, as it is what will enable us to gain maximum.


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            The thread is very strange, as you haven’t mentioned what number you think it will grow. Anyhow, I personally feel numbers are too easy to get for BTC. I have no idea where it can go but then I will say that we will see it going around $4000 before the year end.

            But, this is just my given number as there is a lot more that can come, but nothing can be said with complete guarantee.


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              We can make any prediction we like, but I believe that it can never be taken above that. It’s always a prediction and should be taken like that only. I can bet there were very few people who expected the sort of movement we are witnessing now. So, it’s not something that you can say anyone can predict with guarantee, it’s sort of thing that can just happen without really any major reason behind it.


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                When did people talk about Bitcoin reaching $3500? Or even more?

                I don’t think there were too many people who ever thought that this was possible, so I think it has ALREADY grown so much that I don’t think it will go all that much far from here. I think the grown is already extraordinary and I don’t think this is something that’s going to change or get better, at least this year, I believe.


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                  I don’t know who we are referring towards, but I think it has gone up so much so far, it will be interesting where further it can go. But, we just need to make sure that we work out these things carefully since that’s what will help us getting maximum gains. Too early or too late, it’s not going to work for investment, it’s vital to be on the mark and be balance, as that is the only way we will be able to gain nicely.