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Bitcoin is instant way to get rich ?

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    I want to say yes because compared to how long a regular person becomes rich (some people don't even become rich in their lifetime), bitcoin is almost an instant. There are people that have made fortune from trading. They bought a coin at a really low price and then the coin goes to the top of the list of highest marketcap.

    You don't really have to trade to have a chance for that to happen to you. You can simply participate in an altcoin campaign and hope for the best. Coin developers surely are already rich by now.


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      No, Bitcoin can not help to get rich immediately. But I think Bitcoin is the best one for online earnings. Using it, people can earn a lot of money. We know that with Bitcoin we can be rich but not immediately. Because of this there are many disciplines, hard work, dysfunctional and risk. We know that Bitcoin is a legitimate way of making money so there is no immediate way to become rich in bitcoin. It will take time. Creating an asset is not so easy. It has to be patient and knowledge. Then we can really be rich.


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        I don’t consider BTC as get rich quickly scheme since it’s what has helped me gain mostly. If we play it out carefully then we will be able to gain well. If we think that we will just gain without any negative part then it will not be difficult.

        So that’s why we just need to play it out carefully and don’t do anything silly because only then we will be able to gain and will get rich. So, we just need to figure out things.


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          Bitcoin is a great investment but got to be very much prepared. If we pull in too much money into it then we will struggle, so that’s why we need to be fully ready and prepared for it all. If we figure out right timing and if we plan out things then we will gain. So, we just need to be sharp and alert with how we go with doing things which is what will help us gaining maximum and will not worry us too much.


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            Bitcoin as a form of investment or trading tool is not in anyway an instant way to get rich. Look at the prices now you barely see it go up 200$ or more, as you can see the price is always around 4500$-4600$ which is not a good volatility as you are risking your whole capital on a hundred dollar gain. You don't even need mathematical skills for you to earn with Bitcoin, you just need basic math in order for you to know your gain (that's if you have a gain or maybe you will have losses). Technical analysis is what you mostly need in order to be successful in trading.