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Which cryptocurrency has the potential for more..?

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  • Which cryptocurrency has the potential for more..?

    Which cryptocurrency has the potential for more than 30 times the return within one year, like what Ether, Ripple has had since Jan. 2017? I am not sure about too many new ones, so that’s why I am willing to ask you guys here and see what you guys say. Also, I want to know where you have your OWN investment in. Thanks for hearing and will hope for answers….

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    Very tough question to answer, but Dash is not all that high value and may increase in coming weeks and months.

    However, I am no master about these things, as I have only preferred Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash, so I have no clue about other Crypto Currencies with high potential. Lastly, I will say always go with what you are comfortable with not with my or anyone else view, as it’s not worthy.


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      I prefer to be more specific over these things, as I believe Crypto Currencies or the whole industry as you take it have huge potential to gain through, but it’s better to talk about specific ones. As far BTC is concern, I believe it has power to grow massively and is likely to continue in future as well. But, it’s not same with all because we will often find others not able to grow like you see BTC grow.


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        Right now, it is fair to say that really most crypto currencies have great potential and is the reason why we need to be so pleased. We just need to make sure we work carefully and pick one we are most comfortable with, as that’s really what we need.

        I currently feel that Ethereum is in best shape to be invested upon, but then we MUST be very very wise with how we go about handling things in order to really gain.


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          I also believe the same, I too feel that currently any crypto currency will be great option and will benefit us well. However, we need to be very wise with how we go about investment on these. We should be not investing randomly because that is too risky and will not take us anywhere, so we got to be very careful with how we go about working in terms of investments, so need to be very careful about it all.


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            Bitcoin is obviously very high on price already, but not wrong to say that there is huge potential out there to pick up, but it will be interesting IF it can really go that way, so it’s the leader for me and then follows Ethereum.

            I do feel that currently there are many other options too outside these top two and that is LTC, Dash and all those since they really have big potential and can move quite far in coming weeks if not months.


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              The list is quite long, as there are so many crypto currencies which got huge potential to grow along with BTC. There are predictions that it might go to 10000 USD in future, so it’s obvious that there is huge space to reach there and that’s why there are many people who consider and suggest to still invest into BTC given there is huge chance of its giving much more, but we have to be extremely wise and careful with our pick.


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                There are many Crypto Currencies which have the potential, but it’s hard to pin point all, so we just need to look at upfront options.

                This is where i go with Ethereum and perhaps Dash, as these two are ideal options and have highest potential in terms of chance for growth. But like I already said, it’s many options available that we could use but we need to go with our range and level of comfort.


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                  I agree with above person, it’s good to put money on Ethereum, but I am an old type of guy, so I don’t like to experiment too much instead I only prefer to go with established and proven stuff which is why I go for Bitcoin which to me is the BEST option even with such high value, as there is always more to come if we are good with handling it. So, we just need to think about potential not current levels.


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                    Every Crypto Currency from Bitcoin to others have potential, but as investors, I am seeking for one which got the cheapest rates which BTC certainly doesn’t have while there are stuff like LTC and some others which you could say got the potential, but might be risky.

                    So, it’s a choice to make between whether the risk is worthy taking or not, if we make this decision then only we will be able to move ahead into serious zone.