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Will Bitcoin really STOP?

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  • Will Bitcoin really STOP?

    The movement is really putting everyone into shock, as it’s NEVER seen before like movement happening and it is hard to explain in words. I don’t know where we will see this unreal thing stop, but right now the way things are moving, it’s not ruled out that we might just see $10000 levels cross! I really feel its unreal the way things are working as far BTC is concern and might just continue to go on same way as we move ahead.

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    I feel it’s going to stop moving in such range, but still the overall momentum and movement is going to continue to be positive.

    It’s impossible to say everything specific, but in short description, it is fair to say that we will see the juggernaut stop but the overall direction on the upper side is going to remain the same, so that is something that will be really interesting to see and we will be focusing on that in coming months or weeks.


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      The price has already dropped somewhat, but i think there is no level we could say it will go at or whether it will stop any stage, so all these things are tough to say and we just need to watch for it. I think as long as it maintains certain level, I believe we will feel good about it. I am sure it will go down, but still the movement is going to be there in certain range.


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        If we are to look at it in the long term, there's no argument that bitcoin is a force to contend with.

        The price just keeps pushing to higher levels. Back in 2016, when you say that the price is going to reach $1000, many would think that's too high. Now we are sitting way above $4,000 and this only August with a few more bullish months to be expected until the end of the year.


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          I think it is likely to stay steady. Although, I am now not expecting any major move for next 1-2 months, but still the overall level is already so high that it’s not going to be going all that much further higher. So, we need to track down the history of these things, as that is only way we will only the whole picture. If we are not aware of all these things then we will have a lot of issues and trouble with handling of thing is for all.