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Is Bitcoin open even on Weekends?

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  • Is Bitcoin open even on Weekends?

    I have been watching Bitcoin for long time, but one thing that I was not aware was that Bitcoin is open even on Sat/Sun. I was just following it through my broker and saw that it’s moving massively and its Sunday today, so I found this weird because I thought it was not active. So, were you guys aware of this fact before or is it new thing for you? I will be interested in knowing what you feel about it!

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    I really have no idea about this, as I don’t think I have taken all that interest in trading in first place, so for me it’s bit irrelevant whether it’s moving on weekends or not. But yes, I do know that it’s not moving all that much during weekend as compared to weekdays.

    However, I don’t think it’s really major factor unless you are trading and you might want to work even on weekends, as that time it becomes obvious that knowing this could be important.


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      I really have no clue about this. In fact, it’s first time I am hearing it. But if it’s open even on Sat/Sun then its good. We can obviously gain a lot from it, but we also need to make sure that we work it out properly and understand it all, as that is how we will be able to gain and will be able to benefit most out of it in every way possible.


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        I think it doesn’t matter whether it’s open on Weekends or not. As traders, it is good option because rest of the market is closed which means that if anyone wants to trade then he can use the option of Crypto Currencies to trade but otherwise, it’s not needed at all.

        We just need to make sure that we don’t do it randomly or if we are not certain, so we need to figure out doing things to gain.


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          This is something new to me as I thought the whole market closes on Sat/Sun, so this is new and good thing to know. I usually get bored while the off days, but since now we can trade on this, I think it is a really good opportunity to go in and can benefit us big time. But, of course we need to plan it all out carefully. It’s only then we will be able to gain and move far in real positive way.


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            It is open on weekend, so what’s the big issue? I think almost all currencies, commodities and other stuff are moving every day even if it’s weekend, but the difference is that we are not shown the final figure till the markets are opened when trading.

            But I think with these Crypto Currencies, it’s possible to see it and even trade on it. So, it’s not surprising thing for me but new for sure.


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              I don’t think so, as there is no clarity about it written anywhere, so I don’t think it is possible to answer this. We don’t really need to be overly sure about this, as I don’t think this is anything that is going to make much of difference at all, so why think or worry about something like this. At least, I am not one who is ever going to worry about these things at all.


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                I found this out few weeks ago, I think it’s really good thing and is something that really opens us to work nicely. However, we just need to remember that we can’t work 24/7, it is important to take rest as well, as ultimately that is how we will develop our self to reach far.

                It’s obviously not easy at all to make profits all the time, but we just need to have proper strategy which will help us achieving good profits.


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                  It’s obviously great news if it’s open in Weekend, but I think we are talking about trading right? I mean, it has always been open every day for exchange/sell or buy. It’s only for trading that we have found out that it’s open even on weekends. So, it is really good thing and something that we can use for further gains, but we just need to make sure that we play it out correctly in order to gain maximum.