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Still don't believe BTC can reach 5K, then 10K and then 50K?

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  • Still don't believe BTC can reach 5K, then 10K and then 50K?

    I believe it will reach that price in time; we just have to be patient and learn to wait and obviously HODL. But for those who don't believe bitcoin will reach that price, my question to you is why you are even here talking about Bitcoin? Just saying and that leaves those who are still hesitant about its price to think about it, just imagine how much bitcoin price were last year and this year and compare it.

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    I think it is great that BTC is running so highly, but this doesn’t mean that it’s going to reach 10k or even 50k, it’s bit too far thought and major reason why we need to think twice and more times before speaking, if we don’t play these things well and understand them then we could face serious problems and that could take us out in massive way.

    So, got to be very sure of these levels instead of blindly agreeing on with such views.


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      I always felt it would reach 5k, but I never thought it would get there this quickly, so I accept that I was not with this ship, but the other mention levels are way too early and all such talks are immature. It is no walk in the park for BTC to move towards 10k like that. I know many might disagree and even dislike what I will say, but still I believe that the drop once come will be gigantic and will really even out everything.


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        Yes I also believe in that. I hope before this year ends it will reach 10000$ . by that time I am also hoping I get my payment so I can convert it. I am also looking forward that bitcoin price remain high and don't go down anymore and it increases more. Many people get involve in bitcoin each day.

        More people more demand for bitcoin, so it will increase its price. Nothing is imposssible, but nothing is instant we have to be more patient. Sit back and relax and just be updated. It will happen SOONER OR LATER.


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          Some people get overexcited and that’s what cost them dearly. I believe we must not get into overexciting mode, as that is not going to take us anywhere in the field at all. So, that’s why we must keep things rather sensible. I don’t think we will ever see BTC reaching there so quickly. It might get there but you can’t expect this to be done overnight, it’s just the thing that could happen but in very slow and steady way.


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            You may start hoping now and believe at bitcoin reaching the $5000 mark. Bitcoin's value is now playing up and down at $4000, $10000 may take sometime but its not impossible but if and only if the bitcoin price will continue deflate its value.

            Because of the diminishing number of bitcoin, price started to rose up and as investors and people get more and more involve with bitcoin this rising of price scenario wil never cease out and in that case $50000 will just be a matter of time before meet. So lets just hope for the success of bitcoin and we , investors and bitcoin holders, will surely benefit a lot from it.


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              I think there is every chance of its going 5K very soon, but you can’t expect 10K to be crossed straight away. So, that’s why we need to be extremely wise and careful over these things. If we work these things out correctly then we could be gaining very nicely or else it can be a huge struggle for us. I am always very careful with how I go about doing things and not to just follow random predictions at all.


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                Its better that the price of bitcoin increases gradually. There is more stability that way and less change of a huge price fall. It would be best if BTC reaches not much more than 7000$ by the end of this year and then we can talk about next year.

                Faster price changes can cause the market to get great unstable and price drops will be very significant that may result in losses to many investors. From past experience, I have seen whenever there is a big price rise; it is followed by a huge downfall. Better just let it rise slow and steady.


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                  It has already touched 5k and it will be interesting where it leads further, as we need to be extremely wise and careful with how we go about approaching everything, as that is the best way forward for us to gain and to be able achieve greater results as well. I don’t think it is easiest of things, but is something that will take us far and will help us with going forward. But we have seen it drop but maybe it will recover.


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                    Now, I really believe that BTC can reach any levels and it is absolutely impossible for anyone to say anything in terms of the direction we will see it go.

                    I don’t think now anyone can rule out 10k because 5k too was considered impossible at one stage, but after that is achieved, it’s now obvious that there is no line as far the direction, as it can go anywhere and with full force as well.