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Do you save bitcoin for fun or for future purpose?

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  • Do you save bitcoin for fun or for future purpose?

    People usualy don't save for fun but because of need and will to have some funds for the rainy days and future that will give them the feeling of security. So, the same thing is with Bitcoins with the added value that Bitcoin is also an investment so with saving Bitcoins people hope for the future profit. If the profit means fun then I save it for the fun.

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    In my case I save bitcoin for both. I have something saved up for later and I spent some of it for my own guilty pleasures. You have worked hard to gain that profit here in bitcoin so you should just really have something for yourself that may pay off all your hardworks.

    You can buy some things that you want the most or go on a travel. But still think of your future. You should still save some for future because we are not certain with bitcoin's future, it may be gone or it may stay but no one knows. It'll be more better if you'll be wise.


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      I surely got better stuff when talking about fun element, so I don’t think I will save it for fun, but I save it for genuine purpose and that’s to do with making profits. I believe everyone do that with common sense. As you don’t make investment for time pass, it’s done for serious matters and for the future in mind. If we think positively than we could be making healthy returns and will help our self as well.


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        I think that saving/holding Bitcoin can be both fun and for future purposes. My personal experience about it is when I see the Bitcoin in my wallet growing I am entertained and happy that my money is growing while the real purpose of it is to later convert it to Bitcoin when the price is right.

        Also, I am not the only one who feels this way a lot of investors especially if they know what they are doing is for their future they are happy with saving anything as they know that it will later pay off for them. You will know what I mean if you tried to hold Bitcoin that you save up for something to be used on the thing you want to buy.


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          What type of question is this? Why will anyone think about fun here? I am not sure there is any role that fun is going to play, so we got to be brutally serious about stuff. I don’t really think much about future instead I just think about present and I absolutely believe that it is the most important aspect. If we think seriously about things and make the obvious movement that’s required then we will move into right direction.


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            I think Bitcoin is no longer fun. It’s very high value and that’s why I believe we need to take it seriously. If we are not serious then we could put our self into huge risk and that’s not good for anyone.

            We must make sure that we save Bitcoin and try to work hard to collect as many as possible since that’s how we will be able to gain maximum. If we don’t do that then we will struggle only to go far.


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              Trading can indeed be stressful and it can take some time and after so many transactions before anyone can be able to finally manage his/her emotions so that the mind is not affected most especially with losses. The most important thing here is that one must continue to be learning and always never be afraid to try again and again. Emotions must be checked regularly as they can be the triggers for bad decisions and moves. I am not yet a professional trader but I am trying to absorb all available information that can somehow hone my trading skills.
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                I don’t think about saving it but I don’t use it randomly. I use it when I need to use it and when I don’t need to use it, I will just keep my mind away. Most people just think about it continuously and then they make mistakes, so it is better that we don’t think too much about it and let things work in the flow, it is the best way we will be able to gain through and will not make any silly mistakes either.


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                  I have better ideas for FUN. I don’t know what fun is there with saving it. It is purely to do on with the future purpose.

                  If we are not ready or prepared for it then we will have a lot of issues and trouble. So, that’s why we need to be absolutely careful and make sure that we play it out nicely. If we manage to do that then we will have a lot of benefit and will help our self with making solid money.


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                    I don’t exactly save it fun purpose, I save it for using and that’s with the investment. I use it for purchasing upcoming ICOs, it can be the ideal way. Right now, I have invested into Mobilink, it is one of the finest upcoming ICOs out there. Just look at the whole concept, it is absolutely stunning.

                    That is really what makes them so likable given the heavy on the potential and such epic structure; it truly sets them above the rest of the pile. With the on-going private sell, it gives us 33% bonus, so just not letting go this kind of opportunity.