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Why you should focus more on saving bitcoins than selling your bitcoins

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  • Why you should focus more on saving bitcoins than selling your bitcoins

    Nothing is more profitable than to save your bitcoins for a long time, every bitcoin user believe that the more you hold the more you will earn. You are right there isn't any guarantee that when the price will fall but as seeing the market the price is growing with time although we may have faced some dips but despite of these things bitcoin still manage to grow well. So we should focus on saving bitcoins instead of selling them.

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    I don’t overdo anything, as I know it’s not going to take anyone anywhere. It is better and must that we go ahead with balance way. We should save BTC, but also making sure that we don’t just keep it forever. So, it is better to use it in balance way because it can help but not using it at all will not put us in any great place.

    So, again it’s balance that is what we must be working out very carefully in order to work well.


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      I don’t think there is requirement of one focus. We need to keep our options open, it is not wise to just keep thinking too far because it will not take us anywhere at all. We need to be positive and think about how we can gain best. If we can do it via saving then we should do that or if we can gain it via selling then we should do that, it must be according to the situation.


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        I think the way consistently prices are going high, it will be impossible to say whether it’s good to sell or not.

        So, that’s why the better thing is to use it as little as possible unless it’s very much necessary. As we can get bigger rewards simply by holding it and there is common sense in this to just hold it till we can. If we need it then we should not hesitate to sell it either, but otherwise better to just hold it.


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          I don’t think anyone at this moment will think about selling at all. I think most people who have got BTC will wish and prefer to hold on as long as they can. This is like a lottery that can hit them any time. It is no use to sell it when it’s so obvious that we will see higher investment, so it will be really interesting. We just need to watch it all very carefully to ensure we are at safe track to gain maximum.


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            I really don’t think about focusing part, as I believe we just need to go with how we can benefit maximum. If we can have it via holding it then so be it.

            If we have it via selling it then so be it. I think the decision becomes a lot easier when we start taking it in easier way. If we think in complicated way then we will only make it tougher for our self and will not get things working right.


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              We should focus on collecting Bitcoin, if we manage to do that then there is no greater thing than that. But, it’s not easy due to such massive value. Now days, it is too hard to have even 1 Bitcoin because the price is touching sky and reaching $5000 was the biggest thing for it. Although, we have seen it go down to $4000 again, but it’s hard to say if it’s really going to go further down or not.