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[ANN][ICO] Duecoin > Decentralized Global Payment Network

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  • [ANN][ICO] Duecoin > Decentralized Global Payment Network

    [ANN][ICO] Duecoin > Decentralized Global Payment Network


    Duecoin Website




    Source Code:

    Windows Wallets:

    Mac Wallets:

    Linux Wallets: **coming soon**

    Block Explorer:


    Mining Details:



    Short: DUEC

    Algorithm: SHA256

    Premine: 42,000,000

    Money supply: 840,000,000

    Type: POS + POW

    Block time: 240 Seconds

    Block Reward : 1200

    No. of blocks
    Block Size: 1 MB

    Additional Info: 4% yearly after finishing pow



    * Currently in PRESALE

    * Official Launch Date 10/30/2017

    * Exchanges DUEC will be listed on: **coming soon**
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    Its Official, Duecoin is very excited to announce it will be moving its market launch. Duecoin has formally closed all Flash Sales - thank you for those who took the time to vote! All token sales completed before November 17th will be processed accordingly if not yet completed, and no more offerings will be made. Over the course of this week DUEC will complete its exchange listings, and as they announce have them listed throughout our website, as well as in our newsletters.

    We encourage all of the DUEC community to vote for the coin as a new listing where/when its applicable. Otherwise we look forward to wide spread in our product, our launch, and success within our community. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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      Its Duecoin season! We are awaiting official confirmations, and can't wait to release our available market places to the public. Our continued exposure is amazing, and for all of those who are looking to purchase Duecoin now, you will only be able to do so once we release the available exchanges, which we are expecting will occur quite soon. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter, or check our our announcements to stay up to date with our released dates, exchanges, and updates.

      For our community, we appreciate all for the continued support as we at Duecoin maintain our aim to be a staple coin. The boom in market cap for crypto-currencies is greatly benefiting our timing for launch, and opportunity held at hand for not only our Core project but also our immediate demand. Thanks again to our community, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out to us for any info.

      Do you like to stay updated with the latest happening around Duecoin? Now, we are on the top 4 social sites. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGplus


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        Dear Duecoin Supporters,

        Hopefully you have been able to enjoy a wonderful holiday season with those close to you. We have been working hard behind the scenes to execute our plans and are happy to report that everything is moving forward with full force. Please note the important updates below.


        DUEC is excited to announce the start of a weekly lottery starting on the 15th January and ending six weeks later on Friday 23rd February.

        - Entry is to be made on our website by filling out the simple entry form at

        - Entrants will need to submit their Duecoin Wallet address
        - One entry per wallet.

        -Additional tickets can be attained by filling weekly tasks (see website)

        Exchange Announcement

        We are able to formally confirm that we have been accepted to list DUEC on HitBTC, one of the world's elite cryptocurrency exchanges. Once the acceptance and review process is complete, we will launch on the HitBTC exchange. According to HitBTC, this should be a +/- 3 week process and is already under way..

        We are deeply invested in the token registration process with several other top end crypto exchanges and will update when the information is confirmed. Crypto exchange token listing is a process, and these things take time. Any anxiety our community members are facing is the result of being a part of a start-up developing a new blockchain based ICO platform and the current environment of the crypto start-up market. The DUEC team and community should be focused on the long-term prospects of DUEC, and have some patience. Don't focus on short term gains. Our advice for everyone in our community is to research our project and wait for HitBTC or one of the other exchanges to list DUEC.

        The exchange process has 2 core phases, audits, and integrations. Audits are where information can be released to us, vs integration is what's required for the actual trading to begin. The whole issue here is in regards to the speed of integrations, which unfortunately we have limited control and don't have a way to predict. Aside from HitBTC we hope to have announcements about other exchanges soon.

        Rest assured - listing on exchanges is our number one priority at this junction, and we are constantly improving our road map for active market places, and to further our project.

        Future Prospects

        The biggest purpose that we'll serve should impact both our price and the ICO side of this industry. It is pretty simple; after our exchange launch and road map are in place, our beta infrastructure goes live for our ICO network. So essentially, at this time, all new token sales and ICCs running through our beta, are likely to positively impact DUEC's trading value, and market.

        In the event the core prjects is successful, this will help streamline the process for new coins/ tokens to hold more efficient transitions from token sales to exchange launches (which we believe will be one of the booms in this market that continues through 2018, just with more guidelines than 2017).

        Future ICOs will have fewer barriers to entry. One such barrier that we as well as our community have felt is the difficulty and cost in contemporary exchange listing. ICOs will be able to offer their token through the DUEC network and proceed to focus on the specific project behind the ICO placing less pressure on the immediacy of exchange listing currently required to raise real capital. This means that’s ICO with proven value will enter into exchanges in a far greater position with a truly price reflection in there token.

        We will keep our community updated on the progress of the DUEC market as we approach the Beta launch.

        We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and spreading the word about DUEC!

        Duecoin Staff


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          HitBTC tweeted that they will soon list DUEC see the tweet here:

          We look forward to a long partnership with HitBTC.