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SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchange, P2P platform and exchanger

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  • SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchange, P2P platform and exchanger

    SIGEN is a platform for trading cryptocurrency for any fiat currency in the world. Our name is derived from two words: SIGma + ENergy. Sigma (Σ) is the name of a Greek symbol that signifies knowledge. Energy is associated with vitality and constant movement forward.

    Our platform gives you 3 options all in one place:

    - Trade on an exchange. Trade cryptocurrency with others and earn money on fluctuations in the exchange rate. We charge a minimum fee and allow you to withdraw the cryptocurrency automatically and without any delays
    - Buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat money on our P2P platform. Your transactions are protected by ESCROW and Social Trust Scoring. You can use various currencies and payment systems.
    - Exchange currency rapidly in 1 click without signing up. Use our exchanger to buy/sell cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate without bothering with trades.

    In addition to minimal fees, safety, convenient and fast transactions, and automatic withdrawals, you will find online 24/7 support, the ability to create orders with multiple offers, a double affiliate program, and much more.

    SIGEN is next-generation cryptocurrency trading!

    Start trading right away SIGEN .pro

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    P2P: economy of equals

    P2P trading implies equal partner and economic relationship without intermediaries.

    Peer network

    A Р2Р (peer-to-peer) network is called so, because all network participants are equipotent, i.e., they are equally privileged. In such a network, each computer is connected to another computer directly, without intermediaries.

    Together with that, each computer may request information from the other, in other words, act as a client. It may also process other computers’ requests, i.e., act as file servers. All cryptocurrencies are based on the P2P principle. This is what mainly distinguishes them from centralized money networks. In centralized systems, money depends on the whim of governments and central banks. Whereas in P2P distributed networks it is cryptocurrency users themselves who set forth the rules.

    P2P trading

    All are aware that cryptocurrency trading takes place on crypto exchanges. However, practically all crypto exchanges are centralized. They charge a fee for cryptocurrency trading and exchange and, as a matter of fact, the funds of all users of a certain crypto exchange are stored in its single local account.

    Nevertheless, there are also platforms which employ the decentralized P2P network principle. SIGEN platform is also among them. It offers services on selling and buying cryptocurrency for fiat money directly between users without third party intermediaries.

    The P2P platform trading is occurring as follows: the seller places an ad on the sale and specifies its method and terms. In the next step, a P2P account wallet is examined to see whether the required amount is available therein. Next, there is a contract with the buyer. The seller’s funds are transferred into a deposited account. The buyer pays for the transaction and the system notifies the seller of the payment. After a notification has been received, the buyer’s balance is credited with the needed amount.


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      Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Scalping

      Cryptocurrencies as a trading asset have not been around for long, but many traders have figured out pretty fast that cryptocurrency trading has its own patterns which allow to develop trading strategies. One of these strategies is scalping.

      Basics of scalping

      Scalping is the execution of multiple short-term transactions aiming to make profit on the intraday fluctuations of cryptocurrency prices. Profits made in each transaction are small, but they can compound into a large gain.

      The trader will first carefully study cryptocurrency price trends using charts, latest transactions and the order book. They will then position their orders and closely monitor cryptocurrency behavior to make an instant profit.

      Advantages of scalping

      Scalping uses the high volatility of cryptocurrency prices while decreasing dependence on market trends. In other words, the trader who uses this strategy can make profit in any market conditions: both on the rise, and on the downturn. Even though this strategy requires a great deal of concentration and self-discipline, it can also bring in a fair daily return.


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        Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: News Based Trading

        It is rightfully assumed that cryptocurrency prices are strongly affected by news. News based trading is one of the popular methods to trade on cryptoexchange. Let's have a closer look at some of the fundamental principles you need to adhere to in order to preserve and increase your funds.

        Most traders operate as follows:

        - When news are bad, all traders fear a drop in price and engage in a “sale”.
        - When news are good, they buy cryptocurrency.

        This is an adequate response to news. However, in terms of making profit this is not always the right strategy.

        If you want to make profit, the right strategy would be the opposite one:

        - When news is bad, buy cryptocurrency.
        - When news is good, sell cryptocurrency.

        In this case, you'll be able to make profit since cryptocurrency price is lower when news are bad.


        A lot of beginning investors and traders notice that news have an impact on the Bitcoin price. A lot of them try to trade based on their own interpretation of the news. They soon can see that they suffer losses or fail to make profit by misinterpreting an event.

        The key reason for misinterpreting is using an unreliable source of news or, more often, a source that publishes the news too late for making trading decisions.

        Therefore, you need to find an adequate source of news. One of the best sources is forums and blogs. It's also important that forum and blog participants share their trading knowledge and experience and analyze errors and problems.

        Local manipulators

        Some players on cryptocurrency exchanges set up groups tasked with initiating cryptocurrency price movement in the right direction. They can have significant means and use them to rapidly increase or decrease the price.

        However, local manipulators don't need to spend their own funds — they could just make a stir around a piece of news and force traders buy or sell cryptocurrency. This is exactly when manipulators make a profit by making the right bids. If an exchange has a chat, it's an advantage for manipulators since they can use it to directly influence traders.

        There's some speculation — though having no proof just yet — that certain global news regarding cryptocurrencies are also initiated by manipulator groups. Operations of some exchanges were even suspended this and last years on suspicion of using insider information.

        Therefore, even if you trust your source, you must always double-check all news, employ analytical tools and compare price movement on various trading platforms.


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          Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies: Arbitrage

          In previous publications, we talked about some popular trading strategies, such as scalping and news based trading. Today, we'll tell you about another strategy — arbitrage.

          The arbitrage strategy is when a trader trades on multiple exchanges. They use the difference in cryptocurrency prices on different exchanges and makes a profit on this difference. The trader compares prices on multiple exchanges and calculates the profit: where cryptocurrency can be bought at a lower price and sold at a higher price. In other words, the trader compares the price of the same cryptocurrency on different exchanges and calculates when the profit will be larger.

          Arbitrage is not an easy-to-use strategy, but it's quite profitable

          This strategy cannot be regarded as an easy-to-use strategy, but such trading can be the most profitable. To engage in arbitrage, you need to register accounts on multiple cryptoexchanges and carefully analyze and memorize their respective functionalities. You need to do it to rapidly respond and not to lag behind when you create buy/sell orders.

          It's important to correctly calculate fees to be paid for transferring funds between exchanges and to account for the deposit/withdrawal rate. You should also analyze and memorize how prices usually change on specific platforms. Just like with any other strategy, it's good to master analytical tools, learn how to rapidly and competently read and understand charts.