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    One of the key rules of our Club is to move forward. Following it, we've easily hit another milestone in the growth of new members and celebrated another little anniversary. Let's talk the news.

    1. ELDORADO has turned four months!
    Hurray! Another month of successful work is over. Since the launch, we already have over 11,000 members who have collectively donated 11 bln SPA. During this time, the rate of ELD has grown by almost 186%! This means that the amount of donations in SPA made in September has tripled. It's going to get only better!

    2. We're 11,000!
    Yes, we've reached a new peak. It's not even a month since a thousand people have joined in. Some people noticed that the number of new members is growing slower than before. It's not a big deal. A leader of a team from Russia gave 1,000 SPA to new members as a gift for registration. This ensured the extremely fast growth of new members. But most of them didn't get involved in the System promotion. The campaign is over. So the people who are joining us now are the new active members who are making donations and attracting new ones. Not quantity but quality matters!

    Summing up, things are great in the Club. They are so great that seeing how big the number of members in our chats, many people are trying to spam the chat with rubbish. Please note we are not always able to delete spam messages in time and never click on the links that are not related to ELDORADO. This will keep you safe. Make donations, invite new members and build teams. Then everything will be OK. Together will we change the world!

    Welcome to the Club!


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      There has been a small dump in the SPA rate which disappointed some members. Is it worth getting upset about? Actually, it isn't. Here are some tips from the Club team:

      1. Buy while it is cheap. A price drop is a good earning opportunity.
      The key rule of successful trading is to buy cryptos when their price drops, not on the rise. In doing so, you buy assets at a discount. In the future, you sell your coins for more than you bought them for. Especially if this asset is invested in ELDORADO where it grows by 30% per month. It's simple: now you have a great opportunity to buy SPA cheaper than before. You can buy SPARTA at a good price – 2 satoshi – and we strongly advise you to take this chance.

      2. Calculating profit without worrying about SPARTA price fluctuations
      Another tip will also teach you not to get disappointed about the decline in price. Since SPARTA price always fluctuates, like any other cryptocurrency price, some users have issues with calculating their profit. You should calculate the profit in SPARTA as it is more convenient.

      - Assume you made a 1,000,000 SPA donation.
      - In 3 months this amount will grow to 2,197,000 SPA.
      - It means your profit is 1,197,000 SPA.
      - Now you can have a look at the current SPA price against USD or BTC and assess your profit value in dollars or bitcoins.

      It's the most convenient method of calculation that provides you with an actual unbiased result at a specific time. If you calculate in this way n the fluctuations will not seem so terrible. In fact, you still get a stable profit in the SPA at the rate of 30% per month.

      This is all we got for today. You see, a price drop is not so terrible. In fact, it is an excellent opportunity. Buy SPARTA right now, while the price is so favorable!


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        Happy Spring Festival!

        Dear friends, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival falls on February 5, 2019. This holiday is a symbol of renewal, hope, and unity for people in China. We sincerely wish our Chinese members a Happy New Year. We wish you a lot of happiness, success and prosperity. May your homes be full of comfort and warmth and your hearts be filled with love and bright spirit.

        We know that the Chinese respect their traditions and every year at Spring Festival they give nice gifts to all their family members and friends. For this reason, yesterday, many participants withdrew their coins from the system to have time to prepare for the celebration of the New year. The ELDORADO club has passed the endurance test – successfully withstood the load and proved its efficiency.

        We would like to calm down those who got worried – we expected this situation with massive withdrawal and there is nothing to fear. Quite the opposite — periodically we have an opportunity to buy SPARTA at a very favorable price and to multiply our profits in the future.

        Happy New Year! Lots of luck and profits!


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          Finding referrals to invite to ELDORADO

          There are no restrictions in finding referrals — it all depends on your willingness and creativity. You can find people in your immediate circle offline (family, friends, acquaintances) and, of course, you can use the limitless power of the Internet: talk about ELDORADO in chatrooms, on forums, in the social media — anywhere where it sounds appropriate — and provide your referral link. Anyone who will follow the link to join the System will become your referral.

          The truth is it's easier to appeal to people than you might think; the key is taking action! Remember that we can only change the world for the better together — invite everyone to join ELDORADO!

          Join us now!


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            With ELDORADO, all its users become richer every 8 minutes. EVERY 8 MINUTES. While you're reading this post, ELDORADO users are making profit. While you're sleeping, having a meal, working at the office — our users are making profit. Don't you deserve the same?

            Super favorable SPA price. The SPA price is cheaper than 1 satoshi!
            Now you can buy SPA at the best price. SIGEN and BTC-Alpha have buy offers for 1 satoshi. You can buy SPA for USD even cheaper. Buy SPA at such a cheap price to make a huge profit when the price rises. Many have already bought SPA at a low price. Will you take the chance?

            The formula for success is simple: make donations and bring in people.


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              ELDORADO closes indefinitely
              Everyone got a refund of 40% of the balance (including interest, but excluding bonuses)

              Dear friends! First of all, we want to thank each member of our Club for the fact that together with us you tried to change this world. Together we made a journey of 6 months. However, the moment came when we were forced to suspend the work of the Club for an indefinite period.

              Unfortunately, the SPA rate has recently dropped too low, so we ran into a problem. Due to the low price, the volume of transactions in the SPA became too large, and the balance amounts exceeded the reserves of the Club. A little more, and they would have exceeded the entire SPA issue of 9 billion, which is not possible to pay in any way purely mathematically. Alas, the only way out is to suspend ELDORADO.

              We have done our best to keep the Club working as long as possible. Since December of this year, our team has worked entirely free of charge - in order not to spend the SPA on salaries and not to lower the rate down. We did not charge you any commissions. We replenished the moneybox 3 times from the reserves to prevent a restart. And we give the last SPA reserves for a refund to you - our participants, without leaving a single coin.

              All participants received a refund of 40% of the balance on their SPA-addresses. This is subject to ALL percents, not just the body of the deposit, but excluding bonuses. Alas, it is not possible to return 80% because we replenished the moneybox three times from these same “reserves for refund”. Sorry, but we wanted to save the Club.

              We were counting on a completely different development of events. We had a unique system. We had large SPA reserves, which we received as a result of forging and purchasing before launch. With a consistently high rate, these reserves would ensure uninterrupted operation for an infinitely long time. But it did not work out. Sorry for not meeting your expectations.

              For half a year of the Club's work, the ELD course has grown almost 5 times. Every day our ranks were replenished with new participants - about 13 thousand of us all. The system has paid more than 20 billion SPA! Not every project can boast such results. And ELDORADO - can. And ELDORADO is not scamming like other projects, disappearing and taking away the last. We leave honestly.

              Thank you all very much.
              Looking forward to your understanding, the ELDORADO team! Together we are the Club!