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Is investing in Ethereum worthy for the future?

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    Investment in Ethereum is great for not just future but also present, but we need to play it well and don’t be silly with how we go about things.

    If we invest in calculated manner and with proper understanding then we will be able to gain really well and also with ease, but if we are not careful and if we are not wise with investment then we could face a lot of issues, so got to be very careful with dealing with things.


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      Good investment is necessary because it is something that can have huge impact on everything, if our investment is on right place then we will certainly be able to get it working well. But, if the investment is not on the mark then there will be many issues to handle. I find crypto currencies slightly difficult to manage, so that’s why I feel it’s better to do it where you are comfortable. I make it only in Forex where I am comfortable and with OctaFX, it’s easier with their giant 50% deposit bonus that’s usable.


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        Investing in Crypto Currencies is really helpful but needs to be done very wisely because these things are what which can make huge blunder, so we need to be certain with investment. There are huge risk and we need to keep control over emotions with investment.

        If we figure out the balance in investments then we will see Ethereum becoming better when it comes to making investment. In short answer, I will say it’s certainly way to the future.


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          I am really willing to make investment in Ethereum, but I am obviously worried that it could crash like we have seen just now with the price dropping from near $400 to $150, so have to be extremely well-prepared and careful with doing anything or else we could be in with huge issue. I believe we have to make sure we invest only if we are capable and if we are confident enough for it and only then we will be able to gain.


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            It is worthy for present, so let alone future. It is not possible to talk about future, so we should just talk about what we are aware of and that’s present.

            I always look at investment with the risk levels, if the rewards are more than risk, I will comfortable and I believe that’s really how things should be. If the risk is higher than rewards, it’s not acceptable and not even sensible, but then again this is entirely everyone’s own choice.


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              It is really worthy for the future. I think this was the talk that happened about BTC as well in past when we used to ask whether it’s worthy to make investment on there or not. But, as we saw that time changed and how far BTC recent, so same is the situation with ETH. I believe it’s also capable of going really far, so we just need to be wise with how we go about it and don’t think all that much.