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Ethereum Declining Streak

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    Not just that but the graph can tell you how sudden the growth has been. When we look at BTC, it was always pushing high and often used to dropping, but it was always pushing the bar.

    It wasn’t that with ETH since it was always slow fast and when you talk about rapid growth, it was just 2-3%, but in recent months, it’s unbelievable with growth over 200% which is mind boggling, so it’s just amazing in one simple word.


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      I think things have really turned rapidly because not only from declining streak but also way it has maintained the levels, it will be interesting how far it all can go, but we need to be extremely careful with how we go up with things. The things are only going to get better as we go ahead in the field, so we need to be extremely careful with how we go about doing things in order to extract benefits.


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        Ethereum declined. YES. But it was for a huge leap forward. And those who were negative about ethereum got the bitter taste watching its growth.

        Eth will not be back to that level now and will be even costly day by day. This is the reason people where constantly saying about ethereum as the second BTC. So if you are consider ethereum as declining streak then it's always good to enter at that given time so as to amazingly grow your ethereum in the future.


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          How amazing this thread is! Ethereum on massive declining streak and now, it’s over $300, it’s simply unbelievable and unreal thing. I believe it is the biggest mistake not to invest in Ethereum, as it was a golden opportunity for everyone but only few were lucky to take it. Anyway, I believe we will certainly see things continue on the rise but how far it will go is something that will be really interesting and should be watched closely.


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            I really hate myself for now investing in ETH when it was around $5-6! It’s just unbelievable how much it has grown. I really wish I had investment on this back then! But unfortunately I didn’t and it’s fair to say that now the train is ahead. Although, there is still pretty good chance to gain but even 1k investment back then would have resulted in 50k profits! It’s astonishing numbers but absolutely real!