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We Have Hard Fork No. 4: Spurious Dragon Today

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  • We Have Hard Fork No. 4: Spurious Dragon Today

    As some of you might be knowing, the Ethereum Hard Fork No. 4: Spurious Dragon is lined up today.
    "The Ethereum network will be undergoing a hard fork at block number 2,675,000, which will likely occur between 15:00 and 16:00 UTC on Tuesday, November 22, 2016."
    "A countdown timer can be seen at The Morden test network will be undergoing a hard fork at block number 1,885,000."

    How do you see it impacting the Ether?
    Do you think if all goes well, ETH may gain traction? I get a felling investors may take it as a positive, and once the dust settles, the price of Ether may climb higher.

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    I agree, it could be a positive impact but it might not be all that much but still I guess it’s something good for people who have Ethereum since we have obviously seen it been sliding quite a lot in recent times So, it’s good that there is going to be some pull up, but again you will not want to bet on this going too far as ultimately we will see the similar trend catching up.


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      The hard fork did go well and as planned.
      The price traded higher earlier, then move down. Now, ETH is stable and attempting to correct higher. I hope it gains traction in the short term.

      Trade safe!


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        I think one good part about ETH is that the stability is there even if it’s in lower levels, but at least it’s not dangerous to invest here. However, it’s vital to be there only if we are wholeheartedly there, if we are not on that way then we could have obvious trouble with things, so that’s why we need to be very careful and make sure we work out in stable direction in order to gain and be safe!


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          I think Ethereum is fast catching with the industry leader Bitcoin and if it can keep the momentum then more people would start using Ethereum and it can become a good alternative to bitcoin. It is always good to have choices as monopolies means you won’t get the desired service & satisfaction! I have personally not used Ethereum yet but it is on my wish list. It is exciting time for Crypto currencies. Everything boils down to usage & popularity!


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            Agree with Maria. ETH managed to remain stable with not much wild fluctuations with price not flying wildly in either direction. Though there was a steep decline, the price managed to recover mostly. This of course depends on the usual Demand & Supply of the big players who would determine where the price might be!

            Ethereum is a good crypto with good Market Cap and Valuation with overall good trading in tight ranges making it fairly stable.