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    I just recently found this highly unbelievable stuff that there are over 710 crypto currencies available in online market, it’s a fascinating number and that’s to say the least. It’s very tough to trust new ones with knowing there are so many which came and have made no impact, so there are really handful that we could actually think seriously about and that obviously is Bitcoin which is easily the best out there for many reasons.

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    Wow, I was definitely not aware of it, but surprised about so many been there, but I think most of them are not even worth remembering. I am not entirely expert about Crypto Currencies, but I still always try to stay updated with these type of info and trying to learn more about it, but honest view is that Bitcoins is like mother while rest are tiny kids roaming around without having any direction or idea at all.


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      And I don’t even know 7….

      Question: is it really worth knowing about these many?

      I highly doubt, so I guess we are not really required at all to know about this. I believe we just need to know about few digital currencies well and that’s it. If we know that then we can benefit from it. All I know is Bitcoin, Litecoin and few more, but that’s all enough since rest don’t matter at all.


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        Recheck the facts mate…. The number has only increase since then, it’s just enough to tell you how this industry is working. We will see many and many more Crypto Currencies coming out in months/years to come, but like person above said. I will only remember one like BTC or to certain extend Ethereum, but who will care and worry about others? It’s not like we will have miracle and it will get to BTC levels, so no use.


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          Thanks for letting us know this but again this probably means not much at all, so nothing to really ponder over.

          Anyhow, I don’t think anyone got exact number and it has only increased in recent times, so it’s hard to say what will happen in next 2-3 years with chance of the figure doubling with sort of popularity that we see across while I strongly believe that we must not care too much it makes no difference.


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            Wow! This is new news to me too! Seems everyone is opening their own crypto currencies! LOL! But what would be their worth? Valuations is very important in crypto currencies else they would be pretty worthless more so as they have not been fully accepted by all the countries in the world as legal. I have been focusing only on Bitcoin and of late on Ethereum. I have given up on Litecoin due to its popularity & valuation going down!


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              Yeah I too can’t count beyond 5 and therefore really not possible to keep track of all the 800 or so of the crypto currencies!

              Only the top 10 would have some more chance of surviving for long but then in this highly fickle world of crypto currencies it would be very difficult to maintain the lead for years! It would be logical to stick with the usual good ones like Bitcoin so that we have more chances of success!


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                Got to agree with Barun. Who has the time, energy and money to follow each & every crypto-currencies out there? That is humanly not possible and more importantly there is no use for following too. Just take the first 10 top performing coins and try to invest in one or two, that too if you have budget or investment objectives. Of course, you can earn online some coins too which might just help you without investing anything!


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                  And, I am not even aware of 10-15 Crypto Currencies! It’s strange how so many have come up?

                  What is making me think is that it’s a year old thread and then when Bitcoin was just getting to next level; it was so high so just imagine now when it’s so high. I am sure now there would be double number of Crypto Currencies running in, but again this is irrelevant because no one really cares about it.


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                    I didn’t know this but who really cares how many they are. It’s about how many there are worthy enough. I don’t think there is too much we need to look at because 95% of these are garbage. It is important to know what’s important and only focus on those or else it will be highly risky for us. I only consider tops which are worthy instead of trying to be over smart or cute!