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Graphics: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Growth

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  • Graphics: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Growth

    Sharing a nice graphic explaining Cryptocurrency Market Cap Growth over the past 12 month or so.

    It shows how Bitcoin, Altcoins and other Cryptocurrencies have grown over the years.

    Click image for larger version

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    Courtesy twiiter handle @enlightperform

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    First of all, thanks for sharing. Where other Cryptocurrencies stand here? The only thing I have witness is Bitcoin having phenomenal growth in last couple of years! I don’t know, but to me it seems like BTC dominated chart or is there something else I am watching? It will be interesting if one could compare Bitcoin to all other Crypto Currency in last few years, I bet even combined they won’t be near it.


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      It’s a really lovely presented topic and should be read by all interested in BTC. I believe that we need to have proper understanding of these things, as it is something which is going to make huge difference.

      If we want to be gaining with this then we have to get proper idea then only we will be able to gain and make money or else it will not go well by any means at all.


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        Bitcoin has really had phenomenal growth over last couple of years; it’s simply stunning how far Bitcoin has come when compared to others. Although, it is fair to say that Etherem has went really high in recent times, but still it’s no way near where Bitcoin is running, it’s not even 10%, it’s just shocking that there is so much difference. But, I believe the more healthy we will see BTC, it’s better for all others!