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Cryptocurrences Market Cap Reaches New All-time High

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  • Cryptocurrences Market Cap Reaches New All-time High

    According to a report and data provided by Coinmarketcap, the market cap for Cryptocurrences reached a new all-time high.
    As per the data gathered, the current total cryptocurrency market capitalization is US$27.544 billion.

    its a lot more than US$8.197bn, which was recorded in April 2016.
    So, we can say growth was around 4 times.

    Its amazing how trading and use of Cryptocurrences are increasing day by day

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    Although it is obvious right to call Cryptocurrencies, but let’s be fair, as most of the contribution has come from Bitcoin, so the reason for this is just that. I would love to see other Cryptocurrencies chipping in as well especially in bigger way, but not too many right now near the level or even standard of this which makes it all extremely worry for the future, but not much to talk about as of present.


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      I agree, but other cryptos like ETH, DASH and Ripple also did well recently, helping the overall market cap


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        Dash has been reacting very fast in recent times much like Bitcoin, but at lower levels. It even crossed $100 barrier, but only pulled back inside, it will be all very interesting to see how it all works. But yes you are right other Crypto too have contributed especially in recent times where there has been more growth than one expected.

        It is definitely a positive sign and shows there is life better Bitcoin as well!


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          Originally posted by Sergey Nagin View Post
          It is definitely a positive sign and shows there is life better Bitcoin as well!
          Completely Agree


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            I believe this word All-Time High needs to be rewritten for Crypto Currencies especially BTC, as every few days, it’s reaching to All-Time high levels and I am certain that we will see things running in same direction again. So, it’s not really not anything big to see this happening. The surprising thing will be if we see the opposite thing and that’s All-Time low because that’s impossible and very much rare kind of thing.


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              It’s not a new thing at all; I believe it’s very much obvious now. We have been witnessing such mammoth growth from long time and are likely to continue in similar way as we go ahead in the time.

              But, it’s always interesting that other crypto currencies outside Ethereum is not really gaining much and is just sticking to same levels which is not a good thing at all and something which needs to be watched very carefully.


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                The levels are really going high and high with time; it’s unbelievable that we have seen such levels reached so quickly, as no one imagined this to be happening few years back. But, as they say life is really unpredictable and that’s really why we need to be ready and prepared for everything, if we are not prepared for these things then we could face a lot of issues and that will not put us in good shape. So, we need to be aware of these high/lows!


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                  This world of all-time high is just not right for Bitcoin, as really every few weeks; it’s common for Bitcoin to build new highs.

                  It’s amazing consistency and it’s seriously stunning that it has gone so high. It’s highly rewarding and is the way forward for helping us towards gaining. But, we just need to make sure that we are preparing just in case here is any doubt trend trying to put up!