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Ripple’s Market Cap Increased Shaprly

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  • Ripple’s Market Cap Increased Shaprly

    There was a sharp increase in both prices and market cap of ripple recently.
    The price has now more than 10x of what it was 3 months ago.

    The most important point is the market cap increase.
    According to coinmarketcap, Ripple’s market cap has crossed the $12 billion mark
    It means it is more than 40% of Bitcoin’s market cap which is at $28.6 billion.

    This is a great achievement.
    Anyone bought XRP recently?

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    Before reading this, I had NO IDEA about this Ripple price, so first of all thanks for sharing it. Now, after looking at the price which is around $0.4, I think it’s too low but then that means we can have a lot of benefits through it if we get it right. However, it’s obvious that we need to sensible when putting money on these stuff, its bit hit/miss type stuff, so if we do it then we need to do it without thinking too much!


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      Same with me Mirza, I too haven’t heard about this before. I think there are many new ones coming in the market, so it’s very tough to know about them all.

      However, it can be really good if we enter into new one and it has potential, as it can help us gaining massively. But it is obvious that we need to have the selection right or more importantly, it’s about the potential that needs to be very right to gain.


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        There are so many Crypto Currencies which are coming up, it’s really hard to say if this one is going to make it’s mark or not, but we obviously need to be positive in our thought process. If we are negative even slightest, it will not help us. I never prefer this type of Crypto Currency, but still I know that if I play it carefully then there is so much scope in this industry, but we just need to be sharp and alert!