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How good is Primecoin?

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    It’s really nowhere and not even in consideration at all! There is not much scope here and anyone investing here is only going to waste his/her time.

    It is really not worthy to go for that part because it’s too risky and doesn’t look rewarding either. I believe there are better options that we can pick, so we just need to keep our eyes open and that is what will be good enough to take us far.


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      This really got no great value at all and that should be absolutely obvious with the price upfront. I am really not sure what’s the logic behind people going with such options having so low price. It’s understandable to go with stuff that’s low price but have potential, but here there is total lacking in both departments. So, that’s why I am really not sure why to go with such terrible options. At least, I am not going to go with this.