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Do we need to verify our account for these Coins?

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    As of now as already said by people there is no need for verifying but this is going to change in future, for sure.

    I think it should change because it will only make it stable and all the illegal activities will drop dramatically but this is all easy said than done. I just like BTC to be more stable and this is the only step I see it been possible.


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      It’s not needed as of now, but in future, it is highly likely that we will see been a major requirement if no less. I think the major growth for Bitcoin will come when the verification thing is out of the way. It is what will help us with it. But if the verification is kept aside then you will find out that the growth is going to be affected. It is unlikely to grow too far especially if people don’t accept verification.


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        No verification is not at all mandatory for having accounts for these coins and that's the reason everyone all over the globe is accessible to these coins.

        However, some wallets need verification to hold these coins nowadays due to the rules of those countries and also to protect the users from getting hacked and losing their beloved and valuable coins. So my best opinion is to have verification process for each wallets and coins to accumulate in those wallets in our account to safe guard the security.


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          I don’t think any such verification is required as far my knowledge. But, we need to be very careful with these things and read the policy because it is something that is going to make all the difference in the world. If we misunderstand these things then we will struggle and will not go anywhere at all. I always keep myself updated with these things and that has kept me in pretty good shape.


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            No, there is absolutely no verification required at all. It is the reason for the popularity, as everyone can use it and even people with black money can put it and be at ease because no one can catch them. It’s something that makes these options so vulnerable.

            But obviously there are also benefits for this with newbies able to use it easily without having to worry about too much on verification part which is tough.