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Should you trade on Bitmex or Coinbase?

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  • Should you trade on Bitmex or Coinbase?

    Bitmex and Coinbase are two reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms. Although both platforms are fine to trade cryptocurrencies they are distinctly different in many aspects. We all know the journey trading cryptocurrencies almost always start with cash. Anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrencies needs to visit a platform to deposit fiat money (aka cash)in order to buy BTC or other major cryptocurrencies. Unless you haven’t received cryptocurrency from someone as a donation or in exchange for a product or service this is the path you will follow as well. Both Bitmex and Coinbase are great platforms in terms of liquidity. In fact market liquidity usually is only a problem for smaller market cap coins or unreputable exchanges. Unless you don’t want to trade a substantially large amount of crypto there should be nothing to worry about trading with both of these platforms.

    For more information visit here: Bitmex vs Coinbase