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Micro-BTC is Scam?

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  • Micro-BTC is Scam?

    I recently read about Micro-BTC today.
    They claim to provide cloud mining services to bitcoin investors.

    They have not provided any public information regarding the company’s address, staffers, or registration number.
    This looks like another scam to me!!

    A few users have complained against them already. Anyone know about this website and their offer?

    Their website is -

    Guys please beware of these sites.

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    I am fed up with hearing about these scams, it’s very sad that some people are full on ready to scam others and even bigger issue is people not learning from it, so that is what causes all the problem.

    Till people don’t learn to understand things better and know the difference between genuine thing and scam, it is likely that we will witness scams happening, so need to be extremely watchful with things.


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      Such scams are very common and are running for decades. These are basically mini HYIP sites where you get paid by others investment but the only difference is that the level is different. When you talk about pure HYIP then you will see big money involved. But with these, it’s slow version and that’s why it last bit longer than the genuine HYIP. However, I rate them both as poor and bad investments.


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        Thank you so much for sharing this. I believe that the scam part is very common and this site is very low level to it. But, I guess any scam is scam whether it is big or small.

        So, that’s why we all need to spot it and also expose it. We are only helping it if we are keeping quiet, so we need to make sure we work hard and we got to make sure we expose it. If we are not doing it then we will only get cheated.


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          It’s sad that certain people always find ways to scam others. But, I guess this is going to be the case when you leave the door open and invite. If we are not greedy then we will see such cases very low, but if we are greedy then we will see cases like these very commonly. I can feel sad for others who lost but still I know that a lot of trouble is only to do with our own thing that was never on the mark.


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            Yep those in the field of investing or online earning would smell such scams from miles away and would not even touch such sites. So there is no question of even knowing about it or for that matter investing.

            But the gullible and naïve investors either newbie or otherwise always falls for such scams and later complains about losing money. Guess online earning is not for all obviously! Money can be better spent elsewhere even if the returns are lower


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              It is obvious that the scam is written all over this site and it’s disaster to invest into this. I believe it’s far better and beneficial that we invest in genuine way and on place where we could have decent returns. If we are not doing that then we will always face issue and difficulties and get scammed commonly. So, it’s down to us to handle these things, as no one else is going to come for it.