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    These scams are extremely damaging but all this is a lot to do with mindset of newbies and mostly this is the creation of wrong mindset. If we avoid greed or if we close out on fear and use common sense then we will avoid these scams. I think it is easy to find out about these scams if we Google it, so we need to use the power of research instead of worrying or making scenarios.


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      Phishing is the worst nightmare for many because they don't even know how the funds are getting reduced. Those who come online with very basic knowledge on computer and internet will only know how to operate it basically and not the deep part such as setting up security like 2 factor authentication and few other 2 factor process to strengthen the process of not to get scammed.

      Sadly these scammers will send very luring emails just so that we get tempered to click the link for them to get the login details needed to vanish out earning mainly online wallets and other documents so that they can either use it themselves or blackmail for even more ransom.


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        These scams are very normal and are there with any business. If we want to be successful then we need to rise above this. If we are careful with how we approach things then we will always be able to do well. If we keep talking about this and worry too much then we will only suffer and won’t go anywhere! So, it’s vital that we get these things correct and on the mark, it is what will enable us to perform well and achieve greater results.


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          2-3 years ago, I was trapped with this type of scam. I clicked on such mail and the link inside; it caused my account to get hacked and lost around $100, so I have now learned my lesson and not want to repeat this mistake ever again.

          I also like others to learn from my experience and try not to make such errors or else it can be very tough to gain, so got to get it working correctly in order to really gain.


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            Yes this is the negativity of the internet and emails. Whenever there is a program or if our emails are gone out to the sites then these hackers have no other work than sending such spams to make that person whose email is hacked to go in miserable situation. I strongly recommend everyone not to share your email and get tight security so as to e safe and away from these scammers who are trying to invade our personal life. Day by day phishing is increasing and personal email inboxes carry more phishing mails than other important mails now days. So I urge everyone to take precautionary measures before it's too late.