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MAC – Breaking new grounds in gaming industry!

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  • MAC – Breaking new grounds in gaming industry!

    Gaming is something that no one hates and for youth, it is one of the GREATEST ways of enjoyment (entertainment). This is where team MAC is going to create a revolutionary platform for the best possible experience.

    Team Mac introduces an incredible synergy between a ground breaking gaming platform and the “Maco Coin” utility token. With players able to wager Cryptocurrencies in heads up gaming challenges even with a fraction of the funds allocated toward the Maco Coin. This serves as a utility pool for Maco, putting upward price pressure on the utility token. So, it’s a win-win for users and gamers.

    Maco (MAC) Coin is an ERC 20 utility token that operates on the Ethereum Network blockchain. Team MAC is not like others with a very innovative way of not holding an ICO. It believes that financial independence can be achieved through a genuine product people seek through initial adaptability, long-term usage, and custom marketing campaigns.

    Team Mac will start up with achievable “product market fit”, it means developing a real product and service, which will attractive supportive and experienced buyers once trust has been established. They will assume the initial risk and will be ready for the product launch, which allows us to prove worth to buyers as well as build a foundation of community support prior to any uncertainty in the offering.

    Team MAC’s vision is to operate two related companies, which will be “MacArcade” and “MacoCoin “. Both of these companies will complement each other’s future growth and development.

    MacArcade: Is going to be an online gaming centre that will host multiplayer classic games, where one wager cryptocurrency, gradually introducing other popular head-to-head games.

    MacoCoin: Will only be re-introduced to circulation IF MacArcade user chooses Maco Coin as an option of payout. Buyers of the Maco Coin (utility token) will be the heart and soul of team Mac and will always be at the forefront of decision making. Transparency and continuous updates are the keys to maintaining credibility and Team MAC will be diligent with maintaining these key beliefs at all times with buyers.

    So, now is your opportunity to join on one of the biggest gaming platforms!

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