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Bitcoin Price Chart: BTC/USD Buy Dips?

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  • Bitcoin Price Chart: BTC/USD Buy Dips?

    Bitcoin price gained traction and moved above $1120 against the US Dollar.
    The price is trading with a positive tone, as it moved above the $1140 and $1150 resistance levels.

    Looking at the hourly chart of BTC/USD, there are two bullish trend lines with support at $1130 and $1120.
    As long as the price is above $1120, there can be more gains.

    One may even consider buying near the stated levels.
    On the upside, a break above $1160 might call for a move towards $1180.

    You can view the chart attached to understand the current situation.

    Trade Safe, Cheers!
    Click image for larger version

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    Frankly speaking, it is not a bad time to get into this, as there is high chance it might cross $1200 barrier soon, but with Bitcoin there is just so much uncertainty and fast pace movement that it becomes absolutely impossible to be sure. So we just got to be brave enough and make sure we take the calculated risk, as it is something that is likely to make fair amount of difference and will help us in big way.


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      Not sure about $1200 at this moment, but yes the chart was bullish, and as I mentioned ""long as the price is above $1120, there can be more gains", the price did rise and now above $1150


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        Obviously, it’s lottery right now to buy it at any point of place, but the obvious thing is that we need to buy it at reasonable dip not just minor one, as that is something that is very much irrelevant case scenario and is not really to be taken seriously. But then again, it’s all down to our level of investment and how much we can afford to decide when we can buy and when to stay away from all this.


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          It’s just unbelievable that BTC could gain so much in such short time. There were many people who predicted this but very few were serious, it’s really unbelievable scenario that such gains are there. I don’t think there are too many people who could have known this or even guess it in their wildest dream.

          However, it’s obvious that it’s now happening and that’s what we are looking it, I feel it’s going to continue to go further high.


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            These are type of thread that becomes real fun to look at in future, as so many opportunities were missed. I believe it will be interesting to see if currently there is any such dip, but I am sure that people have learned from their mistakes and past, so we could see a lot of buying activity happening in next such scenario. But, of course, it’s sensible to hope that we don’t see any major dip or collapse happening.


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              thank u for giving time to understand