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Bitcoin Price To Break $1500?

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  • Bitcoin Price To Break $1500?

    In a previous post, I explained how there was a monster ride in Bitcoin Price, as it moved above the $1400 level against the US Dollar.
    I think the upside move is not over yet.

    An initial resistance at the moment is around $1440-50.
    If the BTC/USD pair manages to break past $1450, it could open the doors for a move towards $1500.

    Are you looking to buy BTC in this tide?
    Or are your staying on the sidelines?

    Trade safe,

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    Absolutely right. It's already broken and the price is double the rate. Still people are ignorant about this amazing currency and they are just sitting at fence to watch other enjoying with it. Trading is the best happened to me in past 6 months’ time and I have seen tremendous changes in the bitcoin world. Good thing about bitcoin fluctuation is the way can get in without tension such which we have for the fiat currency or gold and silver for that matter. We can try to catch the best dip and exit went the rate sore up high. If everyone utilizes this amazing platform bitcoin will soon be erasing fiat currencies from the world.


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      I've read all your information that you shares and I really love it. Thank you for sharing this post. I appreciate it.


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        It’s funny how quickly things turned and now it’s almost 75% of the price referred above. I think this is part of the deal with Cryptos and you got to take it. I always prefer to stay updated with things, as that is how you could understand the happening and get things right with your action.

        At least, I do that only and it helps a lot with Cryptonewstrends, it is Non-stop news providing sites, it’s amongst those rare breeds which are just too good. With this in the bag for you, it just makes everything look up very easy.


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          It is honestly next to IMPOSSIBLE to say where Bitcoin is going to head, but we can see how much it has come from $1500 levels. It is highly likely that we will see things continue on similar note for it. So, we just got to be brave and ready to face it all. I do like altcoin trading as well, but only IF I am completely sure about the scenario.