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Bitcoin Price Back Above $1800

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  • Bitcoin Price Back Above $1800

    In a previous post, I explained how there was a decent rise in Bitcoin Price above $1700 against the US Dollar.
    The price continued to gain momentum, and after a couple of moves, it settled above the $1800 handle.

    There current price action is positive in BTC/USD above $1800 for further gains.

    However, buyers need to be very careful considering the recent hack events and hackers asking ransom in BTC.
    I hope no country bans Bitcoin and we continue to see more growth.

    Trade safe,

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    Bitcoin price fluctuation is a great this as I observed from long time now and it will continue to soar up and fall back also. Those who panic and sell will only be sad later when they see the all time high rates what bitcoin creates again and become a panic buyer again at the current all time high rate. This analysis is absolutely right and I am happy that people are coming more towards this digital currency and accepting it worldwide is another good thing which has been happening so far.


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      Very interesting topic.