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Bitcoin Price Soars Above $1900

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  • Bitcoin Price Soars Above $1900

    In a previous post, we discussed a solid upside move in Bitcoin Price above $1800 against the US Dollar.
    And, I mentioned that there are chances of more gains.

    The BTC/USD gained heavy bids and was seen trading above the $1900 level.
    The upside move is excellent a treat to watch BTC rise.

    I think we are soon heading towards $2000.
    Do you think BTC can hit $2000 this week?

    Trade safe,

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    Nothing much to say really! I think BTC is doing unthinkable and unbelievable! $2000 this week very much possible and I am not sure when this is going to stop and for people who are hoping that maybe that maybe and that maybe the price will drop so they are just getting older! If things continue like this then they will even get married and have children who too will wait for it to drop because it’s NOT COMING!


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      Bitcoin can even cross 2000$ in the near future when this has already reached a range of 1900$ already. Bitcoin prediction for the year 2030 is around 10000$ for 1 coin. Now I cannot foresee the future but definitely there is momentum always for bitcoin.

      It can remain the same or even go down to 500-600$ level also which all related to bitcoin is waiting to happen to grab more coins because they know what potential bitcoin has and wants to utilize the full strength of it than neglecting the fluctuations.


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        Bitcoin is really making every level tiny, as the way things have been going and the way we have seen crossover, it’s just so unreal. I don’t think it’s me only but many people now starting to feel that Bitcoin is not going to drop as much as some people are thinking like. It’s why I feel that the best way to go about doing things is through not waiting but being fast and act to gain instead of forever waiting.


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          Its amazing ride guys, the price now looks set to overtake $2100


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            Bitcoin have broken all records and ran to 2800$ and took a sudden break to have a freefall before running forward again. Those who believe in bitcoin will be now stacking it up and that's the most and what everyone must do. Newcomers in the market will definitely start selling everything they have stacked and mark themselves safe thinking they are safe and out of some black hole which was not something good but those who know bitcoin well will remain idle to the market.


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              It has zipped past that mark and nearing $3000, I have no words to say what’s going on! It’s not even with Bitcoin only, if you see Ethereum, it’s running towards $500 mark which is just unbelievable.

              I believe there is nothing like this SEEN before and the thing is reaching to level that was never seen. I don’t know where it is going to go ahead, but it’s just crazy and no one has words for it.


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                Yes bitcoin is soaring higher and higher towards 10000$ in coming years and we cannot stop it from happening. Bitcoin is soaring due to acceptance from different countries and lot of people getting involved in the digital currency. Bitcoin trading is another reason for its high rate and the coin has got its value from all over the world. Now getting this coins value is nearly impossible is what I feel.


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                  Yes, I too see major buying opportunity, as any dip is clear opportunity for that. I believe if we want to gain money then we need to learn and accept this opportunity or else we will struggle.

                  I have said this on other threads that if we want to make money through Crypto Currencies then it is vital that we are sharp with how we go about working or else we will not move anywhere at all.


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                    It has gone well pass this $1900 mark and is now near to $2900 mark, it will be interesting if this can continue but we need to think carefully. We need to make sure that we enter on this if we are sure but if we are not sure about things then we should rather not go ahead. The gains have been unbelievable and may simply continue like this only, but then there are no guarantees of this continuing as of now.


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                      Yep $3000 level is providing some sort of resistance but given the constant surge of Bitcoin no amount of limit seems to be applicable. But considering that it is real money that is causing it then one should be careful as those pushing price up can also bring it down.

                      So people need not do anything silly in their excitement and greed to make big easy money. Sure enough good money can be made but only by careful consideration of all factors!