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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Remains Buy Dips

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  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Remains Buy Dips

    Here is today's Bitcoin price forecast vs USD.

    Bitcoin price extended gains above $2000 against the US Dollar
    Now BTC/USD is looking to make a solid move above the $2100 level.

    On the downside, there is a major bullish trend line with support at $1980 on the hourly chart.
    If buyers gain control, the price may even break $2100 for a move towards $2125.

    Read analysis via link. Cheers!
    Bitcoin price extended gains above $2000 against the US Dollar, and now BTC/USD is looking to make a solid move above the $2100 level.

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    Need to really rub my eyes! I can’t believe that such levels are reached in such speedy way, it’s seriously special. I think there is no one who is brave enough to go for sell IF trading, it’s all for buy without any 2nd guessing at all.

    But, I do feel touch worried that IF there is any slight negative, it can cause huge dip. So, we need to be fully prepared for all that and it will help us with doing things smoothly.


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      It’s great to hear such news, but we need to be very careful because things can turn quickly. I think market all over the world is growing for BTC and there is no rocket science to know that. We just need to be wise with knowing where to get in and where to invest, as it is sort of thing that will make all the big difference. If we blindly make investment then we will only struggle to get going and will not get anywhere at all.


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        Bitcoin shocked the entire world by running up to a 2800$ rate and again shocked everyone by a sudden fall but those who are eager and enthusiastic about bitcoin have understood its importance and when there is an opportunity they are trying to grab it as much as they can so that we have a great platform to flourish ourselves in the future with just this changes in few months’ time.

        So bitcoin is here to make that huge change in the world and we should be thankful to have found it much earlier than many others who still think that it's just normal fake news hyped by the media.


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          BTC got wings! It’s really flying in unbelievable way. I don’t think we will see any major dip anytime soon, it’s really all going high and high, I don’t see this stopping anytime soon at all! It’s simply unbelievable that BTC is running to such heights and is highly likely that will see it continue, so we need to make sure that we invest in it as we have free money. But just need to be careful with few things.


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            Bitcoin price is near the support area now. Once it break the resistance towards 3000$ there is no look back without touching 4000$ according to market analyzers. So we can hope the best to happen and for the great result we must buy the dips and enjoy later for the brighter version to unleash its power.

            Bitcoin buying dips is always a controversy and people buy each and every time but getting at the best dip now is the best thing to do for the great holdings.


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              When I look back especially this, I just start creating scenarios, as just imagine investment of 1000 USD on this at 10 USD per Ethereum, it’d be unbelievable results. I am sure many people have gained that much, but there are many who missed out, it’s why we talk about talking the opportunity when it’s available. If we act when there is time then we will always stay disappointed and thinking what if, so we need to be brave.


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                It’s really hard to say where things are going to go for Bitcoin but anyone who got common sense knows that right now it is best to go for buy on Bitcoin.

                This is not even just with BItcoin but we can see similar scenario happening on nearly all crypto currencies, so I believe investment on these is indeed great. I agree with above person, I too would like to have investment on this as of now.


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                  Since last 6 months, the game has worked around buy only, so I believe it is best that we go on that mode. If we want to be successful then we should never back down from challenge. It is risky that we buy at such high levels but it is rewarding as well if we get it correct. So we just need to make sure we put effort and get everything rolling in correctly to gain.


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                    Yes Sergey Nagin. But same strategy might not work always as the conditions keeps changing and one needs to be aware of the present and immediate future ones to remain relevant and of course to become profitable.

                    Trading or investing is both an art & science and naturally not all are going to be successful and it is only those who can foresee the future and ready to face consequences for the same by taking calculated risks would succeed!


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                      The prices are back to even steven right now at around 1900/2000 USD, it will be interesting where it will go in coming weeks or months, but things are very scary right now. The biggest reason is August meeting, so it will be interesting where things go next, but we have to be very wise with how we go and we must not buy unless we are certain of doing everything.


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                        As we have seen in the markets today, it’s huge opportunity that’s seen and people have entered straight away. I feel that such drop is not very common especially if take cut down for last 6 months.

                        So, this is why the current scenario is shouting for buy, but obviously we need to be extremely wise with how we go about it and only the we will be able to gain, so we need to very careful with all this.


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                          I think the moment was really big when it dropped toward $1900 to buy, but now it has again resumed heavily on upside, so I guess chance somewhat lost. But, I think these are quite normal things and we should not be overly concern, as if we are sharp then we will again get such opportunity. We just need to be sharp with our activities and that will be enough for all to gain.