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Bitcoin surpasses $4000

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  • Bitcoin surpasses $4000

    The unthinkable has happened in unbelievable quick time and that is Bitcoin surpassing $4000, it is sort of level that was expected but NEVER it was thought to be so fast. In last 8 months, its $3000+ gain for Bitcoin, it’s absolutely unbelievable levels and deserves to be appreciated. It’s just unbelievable that the level we have seen and it is likely to continue in my view! So, what do you guys think?

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    This is seriously massive thing and is steadily moving towards $5000 mark, so it all will be interesting as where it heads, but from upfront, it is must to be very careful. It is possible that we will see big movements coming in, but at the same time, it’s not really guaranteed type thing, so that’s what we need to watch for.

    If we work out these things correctly then we could bring home serious rewards and benefits.


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      It’s seriously unbelievable that Bitcoin that started this year at 970/80 level is now over $4000 and touched $5000 before dropping down. It’s simply astonishing numbers that we have witness in last couple of years. It will be interesting whether this continues to build on or there is any turning with the scenario. As the year already has gone far from anyone’s expectations, so now it’s just to see if the new expectation can be hold.


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        It is always amazing to see such growth because nothing in past has gone this way. It is obvious that such level can’t be maintained but actually Bitcoin has managed to maintain these levels.

        It’s just increasing up and up which is bit surprising because not many expected it go to beyond $2000 in the whole year, but it went to $5000 like a bullet train. The interesting part will be if it can manage up things.


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          thank u for giving time to understand