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Ethereum Price Forecast - Can ETH/USD Gain Further?

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  • Ethereum Price Forecast - Can ETH/USD Gain Further?

    This past week was excellent for Ethereum price against the US Dollar and Bitcoin.
    ETH/USD traded above $20.00 and registered a rise of more than 5 USD.
    It was an impressive streak, and technical indicators turned bullish.

    At the moment, the price is correcting lower and trading around $19.00.
    There is a possibility of it gaining bids once again and moving higher.

    Anyone of you bought ETH recently? It think the price is shaping well at the moment.

    Trade safe traders

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    Ethereum is finding its momentum reaching All time high of 95$ for 1 coin in the trading market and since last month there has been a tremendous growth So yes ethereum is definitely a coin of its value towards US dollar since the beginning and it will keep a race in the near future and set a new record soon..! Those who haven't grabbed it already make a very smart move and hold on some eth soon.


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      I completely agree, and I think there are more gains in store for us. We can see a new high above $100 if all goes well for Ethereum.
      We just need to be patient and keep a close eye on the markets.


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