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ETH Dropping with Trump Win Prospects

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  • ETH Dropping with Trump Win Prospects

    ETH looks like sliding, Trump win is igniting a downside move?
    On the other hand BTC and other cryptos were seen moving higher, then why is ETH decline?

    Who can share views on this one?

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    If you see in a way, it has dropped from 10.90 to 10.25/30 which definitely is not eye catching drop but now if you just see it in total picture. The drop is nearly 10% and now that’s something big and definitely looks heading for more. It will be very tempting to buy it given the market is just easing out now and one will expect every instrument to pick up. But question still remain is it worthy to take the risk?


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      Ethereum is trading around $7.7 now, so you can say it was kind of steep drop! How it would pick up from here remains to be seen. If you see the last 3 month price range then you would find that Ethereum has dropped from $13 to $7 and is just consolidating from here on a slightly upward trend! Now value investors would be only interested in either pushing it higher or lower to make money either way. You can’t be cautious enough!