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Ethereum Hardfork No. 4: Spurious Dragon and Price Impact

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  • Ethereum Hardfork No. 4: Spurious Dragon and Price Impact

    If you follow Ethereum, you might know that the community has recently announced Ethereum Hardfork No. 4: Spurious Dragon.

    They posted on REDDIT that:

    After many hours of coding, testing, more coding, reviews and discussions, we can finally announce the next hardfork's block number:

    Main net: 2.675.000 Test net: 1.885.000

    Geth HF enabled releases:
    Parity HF enabled releases:

    TBA (anyone from Parity team contact me so I can update this bit)

    What do you think? How ETH price may trade in the coming days due to the upcoming hard fork? It already corrected a few points after the announcement.

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    By the looks of things, I think we should see the rise but will be extremely hard to actually say for certain. Usually, it’s very common to see positive impact with such announcements but often it doesn’t matter or doesn’t make any difference.

    However, I think it’s only to watch what happens next to see how much this has played the part in the happening, but we already see the thing is on downside, so maybe this could arrest the slide, at least.


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      I see, there were already many swing moves during the past 24 hours. Price was up and now down.
      It looks like investors are very nervous ahead of the event.

      Let's see how it trades further.


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        Price of ETH/USD has fairly remained stable and the range is quite tight! So I don’t know how the Ethereum Hardfork No. 4: Spurious Dragon would exactly translate into price fluctuations. The trading is going on in a fairly stable way with nothing much to be concerned of! The price after dropping to the mid $6.5 is on the recovery to the $10 handle and might set to reach higher highs! Chinese factor is also casting its doubts on some crypto’s