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Coinbase Adds Support for Litecoin

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  • Coinbase Adds Support for Litecoin

    A great news coming in for all Litecoin lovers.
    Coinbase has recently announced their full support for Litecoin
    So, now Litecoin is third cryptocurrency in their support base.

    So, now users and traders can easily buy and sell Litecoin using their easy payment methods like a credit/debit card or PayPal.

    Excited isn't it?
    We also saw a major rise in LTC prices recently. It is currently trading well above the $15 mark.

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    Very fair, it is not all that exciting. I don’t even take much interest in Litecoin, as I don’t value it much to other Crypto Currencies like Dash/Ether or Bitcoin. I know many are fans of Litecoin and that’s fine but not me. However, it is certainly very good news and something that we should feel happy about but as I said it’s not all that exciting but that’s just me…


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      Yes, there are many Litecoin lovers, and they are excited with this.
      Also considering the recent rise in price has boosted LTC to a great height.


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        Definitely a good news to the world Litecoin is being on the talk among traders past few days as a big asset and it's really wonderful to have them added in the coinbase which will allow people to have easy way to transact it and give ease for all the purposes like trading and other various uses. Lite coin is now in above 30$ and will very soon cost even more.


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          I think this is certainly very helpful and might boost Litecoin as well, but still the value is pretty low when compared to other Crypto Currencies we see.

          I am bit surprised that in recent times there has been massive growth around all Crypto Currencies, but Litecoin is not really gained all that much. I feel that also shows investors are not entirely keen on this and might think about other options instead of this.


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            Litecoin reached even 30$ so it really has good potential and must get included in all the good wallets to have smooth interface to transfer the currency. Moreover it has high demand in china so its price will go up in coming months. Being said litecoin can go to a big potential in coming months and years, so if we donor have a wallet in the good wallets people will have to suffer more and it will be irritating to manage more number of wallets for managing all the coins.


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              Coinbase is one of the exchanges which deal with bitcoin and other coins like ethereum. It's good to see they support for litecoin also and is a great thing for those who are a huge litecoin supporters. Because they can have Coinbase to store their coins and even do transactions also with it.

              But one negative part about coin base is this site itself goes down many a times in a month when there is huge volatility. So those who use coin base should be well aware of this and then only decide what to be done.