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Can Litecoin really be silver to gold like in the industry?

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    This can happen but when? That cannot be predicted even by market analysts as of now with so much fluctuation in bitcoin itself but as we have seen bitcoin passing gold and silver I guess many good coins will have its chance also for the same in the future.

    So litecoin cannot be neglected for the reason known to us about many altcoin and litecoin being a good coin it will stand its chance one day or the other for sure. What we need to do now is grabbing the opportunity and waits with patience for these coins to go up to the target we want and cover what we really wanted. Future will speak the rest eventually.


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      Yes it can. Because if you have watched it's performance past few weeks and months it has been done great and tremendous changes . So it's better not to miss this great coin even now when you have the amazing chance. Later it can be even more to gold because once the mining and supply is over then circulatory coins are even more costly.
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        No, Litecoin is way too far and can’t match to something like Silver. However, if you want to put things in that way then I think it is fair to put Ethereum as the Silver here and Gold as Bitcoin.

        As these two are the top two Crypto Currencies in the world followed by Dash and others. So, I think LTC is way too much behind and it’s unlikely that we will see things turn too quickly, at least that’s what I know.