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Do you like Litecoin or prefer to stick with Bitcoins?

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    Well in my opinion I will grab hold of all the coins Be it litecoin or bitcoin or any other altcoins as it all have taken its birth in past 10 years time So in another 10 years definitely there can be even bigger news for all the coins and I wouldn't want the chance to miss anything like how I missed bitcoins in the early starting, as it hurts even now!!


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      I like to have Litecoin (LTC) but love to have bitcoin because litecoin is another altcoin just like many other but bitcoin is the mother of all Coins.

      But, litecoin is said to be reaching near level if bitcoin in the coming future. Obviously we will neglect the news but we know what happened with bitcoin in the past so I will choose to have both litecoin as well as bitcoin to have better profit than dealing with just one coin.


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        If given a choice I will stick with bitcoin but for reason like trading and other purposes we do need much volume even in litecoin. Litecoin is also considered next to bitcoin by a group of people, so we cannot just push it away or neglect it for the fact that we neglected bitcoin years ago and feel sad for what mistake we have done. So my choice always will remain with the first ever made digital currency bitcoin but will surely look into other options also for diversification and investments options if it is a good one.


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          I like both the coins. Bitcoin is huge while litecoin is in the making of being huge. Litecoin has much potential too and will be a great one to follow.

          Get in when you can in the dips and hold it for months and you will thank yourself for doing that. Don't be late for such opportunities and later stay sad for not getting the opportunity while you can. So in my view I will stick to both coins equally and stay as much as possible together with each of them.


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            Litecoin still has to do many things to attract the attention of mainstreams. Bitcoin is already being adopted by masses and any coin will have to do out of the box things to be in competition with bitcoin.


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              I am absolutely for Bitcoin as the first priority followed by Ethereum and others. However, I will not mind having Litecoin if I can afford. It’s always great to take little bit of gamble with so much scope.

              As there are many people who did that with BTC and then ETH, it has paid off handsomely, so same thing can be with Litecoin. Although, it is fair to say that both of these are in different league but still were at same price when not many thought they will move higher.